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“Travel - As much as you can, As far as you can, As long as you can “ – Unknown
Majority of the people in this world loves traveling as it helps them to forget their routine life and enjoy the nature. While some people would like to visit the places in their own country, many people love to cross the borders and explore the world. If it is your native country, visiting a new place is not a great deal because you will be familiar with the language, lifestyle, food etc. Can you get the same kind of comfort in a foreign country especially if you are traveling for the first time? No.

For international travel, you need to do a lot of research and planning at least couple of months prior to the date of journey. Like, you need to book the flight tickets for your upcoming trip and make reservations in hotels. If it is a long vacation and you are planning to visit a lot of places, then managing multiple flight bookings and hotel reservations will be a hectic job. If you are traveling with small kids or babies, then you need to find out good quality eat outs because unhygienic or spicy food will affect them.

Even though you can do the reservations for your flights and hotels online, you will feel great if you know someone in a foreign land. Right? Because local people can provide you so much of valuable information and help you to save money with their knowledge. Let us assume you are riding in a car to a small village and you have lost data connectivity. What will you do if you are not familiar with the route? You will get lost. Right? Thank God, you are seeing a pedestrian who is walking nearby your car. Now, they will be able to guide you well to reach your destination. This scenario may be hypothetic, but you can’t say it won’t happen. In a nutshell, a local person can provide a much better guidance for your international travel than a Google map.

You might ask “I don’t know anyone in that country. Then, how will I get the help of a local person?”. Cool Cousin platform provides support by connecting the traveler directly with the locals throughout the world. What is Cool cousin? It is a startup company launched in 2016 with the aim of creating a revolution in the travel industry by providing an alternative for the existing system which is monopolized by few selected big players like Expedia, Tripadvisor etc. Cool cousin helps the travelers to connect with like-minded locals called cousins for getting unbiased information related to the place of visit. Using the Cool cousin platform, travelers can directly chat with the cousins and get answers to all their queries. Sounds interesting? Kindly visit https://www.coolcousin.com/ico/coolcousin-whitepaper.pdf to learn more information about the platform.

Cool Cousin is basically a blockchain based platform where the transactions are done using the Ethereum based smart contracts. So, the travelers need to hold the special utility token named CUZ token for accessing any service on the platform. What is CUZ token? What are its benefits? How to buy CUZ tokens. Check out https://www.coolcousin.com/ico/ to find answers to all the above questions.

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As the saying goes: "if you want to know the truth about the city and country - ask the local residents about it." Only locals can tell you the truth about where they live.
Such information can be very valuable, because it will allow you to save a lot of time and gain confidence. Going to an unfamiliar country or city you want to be sure that everything will be fine. This is especially true for international travel.
You need to buy tickets, find a place with good food, find a place to live and the main thing is to take care of your safety. Having communicated with the locals you will get all the necessary information. But how to do it?
The solution is! This is a modern innovative platform Cool Cousin . based on the block chain. For calculations there are own tokens, this facilitates the task. Thanks to the platform you can find out the most up-to-date information about the place you plan to go to.
To clarify the information, you should visit the platform site
Thank you, excellent solutions for travel agents.

I agree that the best place for the place you plan to go is from local residents. Every traveler can have problems with this.
First, the first problem is information gathering and decision making.
Secondly - search for tickets, housing and calculation of routes.
All this takes a lot of time and a mistake can cost you money.
Cool Cousin is a platform that can give you the information you need. On this platform you get the opportunity to learn about the place you are going to. You will be informed of the best sources - local people. This is a great opportunity to facilitate the search for information and save time and avoid a headache.
Thank you @danizaharie I liked it

When you travel, you loose time because you don't have the knowledge as the locals, it's always better when you have a friend in the city you visit (I remembered good times in Tokyo with a friend working there). Cool Cousin is the perfect app to travel. The other good point is the app is operational with more than 500K users worldwide in 65 cities... Many articles on newspapers (NY Times, GQ, Mashable, National Geographic...), it looks serious. A white paper to read... Thank.

Absolutely, Cool Cousin is the easiest and funniest way to find unique places you'll love in cities around the world. It's pretty simple connect with locals who share your interests aka Cousins and get a map of their favourite city spots and personalised advice about how to spend your time and your dime in their town. with cool cousin you are just two finger taps away from getting good recommendations from someone you can trust, avoiding wasted hours navigation through too much information online.

“Travel - As much as you can, As far as you can, As long as you can “ – Unknown... Hahaha. Great saying from @danizaharie. You can make it yours. I've done International travelling and I feel it's way better than travelling in your native country. When travelling in a native country, inmost cases you already know what to expect, not like in a foreign country where you can't read what is coming to you.

Cool cousin is the thing for travellers at the moment from the looks of it. It's easy to lose your way when you are in an area your not well versed with, and ofcourse many of us don't like moving with guides as we would prefer privacy. We now don't have to worry about that anymore, cool cousin is here for our safety.

hehe,,, the block-chain has had a very big trasition i can't imagine this is how far we have come i can't imagine what will happen 10 yrs from now.

@ danizaharie..Travel is the part of parcel of our education ..Travel is my favorite hobby .upvote and resteemd.

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice blockchain information. thank you for sharing sir @danizaharie

This is what blockchain's new travel related steps? I want to know about this.

Thanks for sharing this post.
Travel very beautiful .I like it.
I love Bitcoin.


Useful and informative post thank you dear friend @dan

Wow, amazing post, international travel is great, cool cousin nice, thanks for sharing

This very nice travel i appreciate your travel thanks for sharing this crytocurrency news.. Best of luck..

thank you for shareing blockchain information @danizah its really helpful for evry steemars

As they said travel you are not a tree

Wow nice post.

If you want to know locals, just download Tinder. I promise will sort you out unless you're looking like Shrek.

I was very frightened when I first traveled abroad :) I was so angry myself. now I am abroad:)))

Travelling, they say, is part of education and "education is not merely the leading of fact, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein

Travel is the part of parcel of our education ..Travel is my favorite hobby .

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cool. Love to travel

@danizaharie..This is so great!..Resteem and upvote

Looking at the whitepapers I was suprised by the identification management. I haven't thought of it, but yes it makes perfect sense and will filter the biaise informations. Nothing beats the locals point of view and knowledge. It is already unknowed, and sometimes nerve breaking. A few advice from it would offer a peace of mind. Curious when the dates will be annouced . Thanks

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"Cool cousins" sounds really cool!

Nice post 27545345_546347732388557_7556870822407412795_n.jpg

@danizaharie, That's very important information to international travel with the assistance of locals. Actually coolcousin app gives up more features to travelers and get travel recommendations and trip advice. Coolcousin app is so good I'm surprised it's free. I think the coolcousin and the developers should be paid for their quality and helpfulness. There may be behind the-scene arrangements. Cool Cousin builds communities in cities around the world of captivating locals who love their city and are passionate about sharing it with others. The app then allows users to directly connect with these coolcousin who spark their interest. More customers attraction there and hope to be join more peoples who want to travel around. That's great thing of this ICO created CUZ tokens. I'll check it out about tokens. Thank you for let me know valuable thing.