Creating a safer environment for ICO issuers and investors that choose security tokens

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Did you know that now, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) raise more capital than Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)? Estimates show that only in the first quarter of 2018, 3.4 billion US dollars were gathered, in funds, by ICOs alone. However, this can be just the start of a long revolution that has dramatically impacted the investment ecosystem. Up until now, ICOs were directed only to promote utility tokens, while the multi-trillion-dollar securities market had not been approached. Predictions show that the blockchain technology market is on a clear course, set to develop further and expand - thus, addressing the securities market with a decentralised platform seems like the right move, doesn’t it?

Introducing MOBU - a revolutionary project aimed to help the launch of security tokens, an extremely challenging operation at present times. These difficulties are caused by a series of significant technical, legal and regulatory requirements and processes.

By choosing to work with MOBU, investors can find that launching security tokens is not impossible.

MOBU is designed to operate as a next-generation user-friendly smart contract and all in one consolidated enabling and self-regulating network, with a clear goal - to launch security tokens. To create a safe and comfortable partnership, MOBU developed a unique ecosystem that is founded on the MOB20 standard protocol. Why? Because a regulatory friendly token seems to be the only way that can enable institutional money to be transferred inside the blockchain; at the same time, MOBU is aware that a user-friendly platform for trusted ICOs is the only manner through which non-tech businesses are enabled to be part of the blockchain.

Actual operating businesses that aim to raise capital by issuing security tokens now have the opportunity of doing just so - create their own custom ICOs on MOBU organised ICO platform. MOBU has built an abstract smart contract from which all security token ICOs can be extended. This particular way of addressing these issues can thus remove the gap that is currently met between traditional securities, blockchain based asset ownership and investment opportunities.

MOBU offers:

  • KYC/AML and SEC approval
  • Bank support for ICOs
  • Investor account portals
  • Escrow accounts
  • Legal assistance to issuers
  • Smart contracts development
  • Various other solutions to facilitate the vast array of processes that are needed to raise funds in a competitive pricing marketplace
  • A network that is characterised by confidence and trust, guaranteeing operational and economic efficiency at all levels

How does it work?

At the moment when a security token is created and issued through MOBU, the token is programmed to verify who may buy and sell the token. Because of these restrictions, decentralised and anonymously run exchanges will only be allowed to operate trades to authorised participants. These limitations also have to the role of providing participants with the guarantee that only authorised investors will hold their tokens - this is a new feature that has not yet been used inside the securities market, by now.

To learn more about MOBU, feel free to visit the project’s official website at and stay updated by joining the MOBU Telegram group at


I see on the website there are still 6 days left with 25% BONUS at tokens purchase. Thanks for sharing it, good info!

MOBU is realky a progressive project meant to help the dispatch of security tokens, a to a great degree testing activity at present occasions. Additionally thanks sir @danizaharie for giving the official site connection of MOBU. I figure this project will be extraordinary as I see it offers for managing an account surrport for ico, Investor account entries and others benefits are extremely obvious. And it was a great decession about tokens.

I see on the site there are still 6 days left with 25% BONUS at tokens buy.

A great offer where smart contracts development is thinking about that. This network is characterised by confidence and trusted. Great Mobu project

The MOBU Ecosystem and the Technology behind the Security Token project


At first, it was bitcoin. The revolutionary decentralized peer 2 peer digital currency that fundamentally disrupted the financial industry.

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MOBU is realky a revolutionary project aimed to help the launch of security tokens, an extremely challenging operation at present times. I think this project will be great as I see it offers for banking surrport for ico, Investor account portals and others benefits are really appreciable. Also thanks sir @danizaharie for providing the official website link of MOBU.

Nice inform .... Thanks for your information @danizaharie

Good. Less fraud more protection for both parties.

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