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What type of payment option is using for doing shopping online? Credit cards? Yes. Almost majority of the online purchases are done using credit cards only. Even though it is convenient and easy to use, there are some drawbacks of using your credit cards which are given below.

  • If you don't pay your credit card bills on time, then the interest amount will get added to your balance. Till you clear the balance, the interest charges will be added to the main balance every month.
  • Many merchants will charge a transaction fee for payments using a credit card. So, you need to pay that extra amount every time you are using your credit card.
  • You need to be very careful while providing your card details on new or unpopular shopping websites as there is a possibility of hacking or stealing of your card details like card number, expiry, and CVV.
  • For merchants as well as consumers, credit card payments impose high commission fees in the range of 5 to 15.

Why don't we find an alternative to the credit card payments? How about using cryptocurrencies for making your online purchases or shopping at a local store? Sounds an interesting option? Yes. That's the main objective of the PumaPay protocol.

To facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies for making your everyday payments, there needs to be a system which can accept different types of transactions on a regular basis. What does it mean? Let us take examples of the most common transactions that are handled by the customers.

  • Definitely, you would have a high-speed internet connection at your home and you will be paying a fixed amount for that service provider every month. This is an example of recurring payment but with a fixed amount.
  • Let's assume that you are too tired to prepare dinner at your home and place an order for Pizza. This type of transaction is a one-time payment.

PumaPay not only provides an option for the above two types of payments but also offers a lot of payment options that are given below.

  • Shared payment
  • Restricted payment
  • Pay per use payment
  • Money back

To learn more information about the PumaPay protocol, please check out the link

PumaPay protocol is basically a decentralized system that combines the best features of the traditional payments like banking or credit cards with block chain technology to enable the use of cryptocurrencies for both offline and online transactions. It is an open source and free protocol which can be used by any business or third party service providers. For businesses, it is very easy to integrate their existing payment system to the PumaPay protocol. For third party providers, they can create their own applications using the PumaPay protocol. In a nutshell, PumaPay is a free protocol that provides benefits to businesses as well as consumers.

For those who wish to access this platform, PMA tokens are the only available option. PMA is an utility token based on the Ethereum standard ERC20. It will be sold by the company during its token sale event.

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PumaPay is a real deal. I was just wondering when a blockchain based project will hit the crypto market, and I can see this is a perfect time for them to launch it. Going on the changes that our generation already tasted, the era of online payments will represent a huge segment for people for the next years. I can predict that real paper money will no longer be in the near future, and the virtual coins will replace it step by step. As long as our credit cards are controlled by banks, the fees and the rules can always change, but on a blockchain network, PumaPay will gain the trust on the users and investors as well. Good project, promising roadmap.

It looks like is going to be a good project both for the businesses and for the customers. Being made on the blockchain I suppose it will be easier and safer to use than any credidcard.

There are many successful technologies and a natural evolution that will change our lives forever. As I see cryptocurrency sector brings us a lot of innovative projects.

About the traditional credit cards that we all use now, there are plenty scenarios about how it could go wrong, from blocked amount of money due the errors that can appear when paying to stealing the personal data by hackers. Cryptocurrencies are a good alternative and a promising solution for our online payments and not only. I think PumaPay will go huge in crypto world. With it, you can pay fast and secure, and that's all we are looking for. Good luck with all!

I like the proiects which try to bring alternatives to credit cards. I think they can grow a lot.

All modern people in most cases use an outdated card system to pay for purchases and goods on the Internet.
But as we all know, these types of payments in the modern world can be called obsolete. They have their shortcomings, which they do not have a better reputation (for example, high commissions)
At the moment, estt an excellent alternative, which offers an innovative solution, this is PumaPay.
They provide you with a number of functions that greatly facilitate and speed up your payments.
The PumaPay protocol is a decentralized system that took for its work only the best qualities of bank and card payments. Another advantage is that it has an open protocol that allows you to be polished and improved by any business suppliers. They also have a PMA token based on the etherium.
In my opinion PumaPay introduces revolutionary changes in Internet payments.
Thank you

This is an interesting project. I wanted to show some interest on the project because it will have its own blockchain and i respect that. But there is no whitepaper or any listing on ico rating websites.
Without both, it can't have any success.


The whitepaper will be released very soon, listing on ico rating websites also.


ok thax


I agree sounds cool.

very interesting token ..i hope they will replace credit card in future....thank you again for telling us about new tech in blockchains...always get to know about something new in your articles

Good post!!!

Oh so great news. We mabye will get one day to a hery peaceful lifestyle. And the new concept presented sou ds great all of us, investors, sellers, buyers. Great future for the world.

I did not know anything about this before.I think pumapay will replace credit card in future.
thanks for sharing this information.

I saw you said the whitepaper will be released soon, I'm definitely looking forward to see what they detail on there! I'd love to have this concept come full circle.

I like the part where you can get your money back should incase anything goes wrong. Nice one!

Sounds real cool...

Excellent idea.we are living in an incredible world of successful technologies.
Good information thanks.

There are so many of these companies. Hard to know which one will win out. Might be which ever one gets bought out but Visa

useful science, thank you for sharing the information

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good article

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Thank you for the information

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Thanks for your great information of steem @danizaharie

it is interesting project

This is an interesting project. I wanted to organization some stamp album just about the project because it will have its own blockchain and i be crazy roughly that. But there is no whitepaper or any listing not far off from ico rating websites.
Without both, it can't have any carrying out.
thanks for sharing @danizaharie

well information blockchain keep it up

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Hello @danizaharie This is interesting ICO.

Do you know what will be the price of this ICO?

It's not good to not have whitepaper but they said that they will give to the public soon. Let's wait for it.

A decentralized system for paying for purchases, sounds pretty convenient and interesting. If the interest on transactions decreases, then it becomes cheaper and more convenient for buyers.

Thanks for the post!