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The emergence of the internet solved a lot of problems,

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particularly that of data and information transfer. Many years ago, we never would have envisaged that information would be transferred seamlessly across borders as it is now. While it's discovery undoubtedly ticks a lot of boxes in the bid to attain a digital world, it likewise raises many new question marks, most notably pertaining to data security. Frequent occurrence of hacks has exposed the vulnerability of data online, thus lending further credence to the opinion that the use of centralised servers does little justice to data security and privacy.


The blockchain technology is a complementary digital infrastructure which is designed to provide data security by storing them (data) across several blocks, which are interlinked cryptographically. Otherwise referred to as the distributed ledger technology, blockchains store these data in an immutable manner, thereby nullifying chances of data manipulation and other forms of corruptibility. The distributed nature of blocks/nodes means that the records are kept decentralised, hence, making it very difficult to hack, as there is no central point of failure.

Blockchain technology has been adopted in virtually every aspect of human life, ranging from finance to health, sports amongst others. It's indelible impact in a very short while has led to heightened expectations for the coming years . These expectations can only be met and surpassed when entry barriers are lowered to facilitate the adoption of blockchain by business enterprises.

One major barrier to blockchain adoption by autonomous enterprises is the complexity associated with it. Setting up a blockchain based project can be quite tasking, to say the least. Being a fairly new technology, prospective adopters often face an uphill task in sourcing for skilled developers to develop and deploy dApps and smart contracts. To encourage new participants, a means to bypass the complexity of Solidity (programming language for writing smart contracts) and other complex blockchain development tools must be deciphered . That said, the level of ease in creating blockchains will significantly impact on it's application and adoption positively, and vice versa.

Noku: The all-in-one custom blockchain platform


At the inception stages of the internet, web design was a rare, highly sought after skill. Though still in demand till date, it has become rather trivial, thanks to numerous resources which has simplified a once ambiguous task. Today, a website can be created in a matter of minutes via WordPress and other template based platforms. This level of simplicity is what Noku aims to reenact on the blockchain, by presenting individuals and businesses the opportunity to launch their tokens and implement their concepts leveraging blockchain technology. Noku's ecosystem is basically an interface which serves as a custom blockchain tasked with the responsibility of easing the creation of new chains. Noku can best be described informally as the "WordPress of blockchains".

Noku Products and Features


Noku Wallet

The Noku Wallet is a user interface via which users can store, access and manage their crypto assets in a secure manner . Noku Wallet features an intuitive, user friendly interface, and is currently available on android and iOs .

Noku TokenRaise

Noku TokenRaise is a fresh from the box feature that allows users launch crowdfunding campaigns on the ethereum blockchain without the need for coding .


Noku Token Creation

Noku allows users to create tokens, set amount to be circulated and select the possible option of minting new tokens or burning the existing ones in the future. As opposed to the alternative methods, creating a token on Noku is cost effective and can be carried out in a matter of minutes .


Noku Pay

Noku Pay is a payment system which offers the use of cryptocurrencies in paying for real life goods and services . Noku Pay will be integrated with Noku Wallet in order to access funds for payments .


Use Case


Ryan and his group of friends are medical college students who developed interest in blockchain technology since the early days of bitcoin, amassing valuable knowledge over the years. During a random chit chat one day, a thought on how to possibly revamp the health sector by harnessing blockchain technology sprung up. Building on this idea, they decided to launch an ICO and generate tokens through which funds will be raised to initiate and develop the project.

For college students, the effective cost of the task ahead was one they couldn't shoulder, but through persistence and constant research, their dream gradually evolved to reality. Through Noku, they were able to launch their ICO, generate tokens and begin their token sale at no cost !

Final Thoughts


Simplifying the process of launching ICOs and STOs, generating tokens etc is a giant step towards attracting more investors in cryptosphere. Noku's ecosystem brings us a step closer towards achieving mainstream adoption by making blockchain easily accessible to individuals and business enterprises.




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