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Since the emergence of the bitcoin blockchain in 2009,

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new financial solutions have been coined to resolve long term issues in diverse aspects of our lives. Today, hundreds to thousands of blockchains and cryptocurrencies exist in the market, with each aiming to disrupt one sector or another through tokenisation. While some have managed to live up to the billing, a large chunk of others haven't done so well in this regard. In order to stamp it's place as the next generation digital infrastructure, cryptocurrencies must positively impact in the lives of the average man. It is in light of this that we have witnessed several attempts to enable users purchase goods and services using cryptocurrencies.
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Although, this is undoubtedly a good step in the right direction, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies have limited it's use as a means of exchange to a select few. This implies that for mass adoption to be within sights, new groundbreaking ways to utilise cryptocurrencies to the benefit of the common man must be deciphered.

The blockchain industry and the stock market


Both industries have quite a rich history dating back to 2015 when Nasdaq announced its Nasdaq Linq Blockchain Ledger technology which it uses to record private transactions for it's clients. In the same year, Australian stock exchange (ASX) alongside LLC developed solutions for clearing and settling trades by leveraging the distributed ledger technology. The success of these pioneer partnerships opened a floodgate of collaborations between leading stock exchange giants and blockchain brands, in a bid to maximise output and increase efficiency. Four years down the line, the present state of the stock market depicts it's immense benefit from the immutable and transparent blockchain technology. On the other side of the coin however, not much has been recorded. Albeit, that is about to change. Investors and crypto enthusiasts will now be presented with the opportunity to benefit from various companies listed in the stock market, thanks to Donavan Trust Incorporation.

Donavan Trust: Bridging the gap


Donavan Trust Incorporation aims to redefine the application of cryptocurrencies by birthing a unique idea which allows it's token holders to enjoy the rewards of stocks bought in the company's name. Based on the ethereum network and in the United States, Donavan Trust will focus on the acquisition of dividend paying stocks from top firms within and outside the United States, in order to enable it's token holders access a world of endless possibilities. The proceeds in dividends on these stocks are divided in two parts. The first part is shared equally amongst token holders, while the second part is allocated towards the purchase of more dividend paying stocks .
This is basically a sneak peek into the world of Donavan Trust.

Asides rewards in dividends, token holders will get to enjoy discount prices on goods and services offered by firms in partnership with Donavan Trust. In order to maintain high demand of DNRT tokens, (the ERC-20 native token of Donavan Trust) the team will continually strive to enhance the token's utility through collaborations with top firms. Token holders will also reserve the right to participate actively in decision making on Donavan Trust's partner firms, in cases where proxy votes (a form of delegative voting) are required.

In all these, it is quite remarkable indeed that Donavan Trust manages to prioritise the safety of token holder's personal data. In an industry where security has been largely compromised, Donavan Trust assures it's token holders 100% anonymity and safety of private data.

Visions of Donavan Trust


  • Our main goal is to buy dividend paying stocks. Half of dividends goes to token holders and is evenly split while the other is used to pay taxes and buy more stocks.

  • Our second goal is to work with partners to get token holders discounts on products.

  • Each token holder has the right to vote anytime proxy votes are required.


Practical Use Case


Jake is a US based business man and consultant of Heir holdings, a topnotch investment firm situated in the US and Ireland. Often times,the need arises for him to travel across both countries to attend meetings with potential clients and investors, as well as attend to other business matters.

He always patronises ANB Airways, a passenger and cargo travel company, due to their high service quality and comfortability. On one of his frequent trips, Jake learns about ANB's partnership with Donavan Trust while engaging in a chit chat with his seatmate on board. Apparently, his seat mate has been enjoying 50percent off on airfares, courtesy of the firm's partnership with Donavan Trust, with whom he is a token holder. After reaching a satisfactory conclusion based on his research, Jake decides to fill his bags; a move which will go on to be one of his best business decisions all year long . :)

Token Economics


DNRT is the ERC-20 utility token of Donavan Trust. Users must possess these tokens to receive discounts, dividends and proxy voting power. DNRT's maximum supply is 1,000,000,000 can be purchased on Saturn exchange.

Final Thoughts


With more innovative cryptocurrency applications of this nature, it will only be a matter of time before widespread adoption is fully attained. Donavan Trust aims to pioneer this era by partnering with mega corps, thereby allowing it's token holders reap the due rewards.

Learn more about this project by reading the whitepaper. Notable changes are being made to the website; thus, it will be up and running soon !

If you have any questions concerning this project, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks !


Donavan trust appears to be mirroring an approach unlike anything we've ever seen to solve the issues of mainstream adoption that the cryptoshere currently faces.

Indeed, it's unique approach distances it from the parallelism we see amongst existing projects. The idea of integrating with the stock market is one that will win new investors. Donavan Trust is definitely one for the books !. Thanks for invaluable contributions , mate :)

Must be a blissful feeling getting discount on my favourite products for holding DNRT !. Will certainly follow this project closely. Nicely written

That feeling is definitely second to none ! Just like Jake, I advice you fill your bags ;) Thanks for stopping by buddy.

This is absolutely incredible. Goodluck guys!

Donovan Trust's plan to provide it's investors with special privileges just like the conventional way the stock market operates is truly Genius.
I'm really interested in this project. Maybe we will chat more on discord, in order to relate informations concerning this awesome Project.
Nice review Mate!

Glad I'm able to spread the word about this landmark project ! Will be willing to share even more bro. Thanks for reading :)

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