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in blockchain •  5 months ago 

DAGT dApp is finally launched, and this campaign is running now.
We appreciate your feedback on anything about DAGT dApp.

There are still some small errors occurs, so the new version will be launched soon.
Here are the solutions when errors occur:

  1. Language—the default language is not English now, so please switch when you log in

  2. Referral link— the facebook button works now, please share directly on DAGT dApp.

  3. Referral list—click the referral rewards button, and you can check the referral list.

  4. Private key—You can import to Imtoken (IOS), we also tested on android(not work), suggest you can try different wallets.

Please notice that: only @trcream @EllenYuu are the official telegram admin, please be careful the spam

Campaign rules:

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