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RE: Sad Story How I Lost Bitshares Account

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we're currently planning for a hardfork in BitShares, and there's the possibility that your account could be resurrected. You should join the discussion at,24816.0.html . The github issue related to your problem is .

Resolving your problem will require shareholder approval, so you'll have to do some lobbying. I believe you'll have to create two zero-pay workers, one for yes and one for no, then we'll see which one gets more votes. The process for this will be part of the discussion, I think.

Also, you'll have to provide a patch. Perhaps someone will help you with that if you're not able to do it on your own. Looking at your account balance, you could offer a bounty for example.


Dear @cyrano
I can see you voted for witness arhag who doesn't have a working witness anymore since a long time.. I am new, dedicated and hoping to achieve dreams. Your vote can really really help me. I hope you would consider it..

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