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Hello everyone, readers of my blog Syndrome ICO. I will explain a bit about the crypto currency project, This is most relevant in the world of crypto currency, which is characterized by its high volatility. I decided to look for a project where all the tools for productive, high-quality and profitable trading by crypto-currencies will gather. And this is the PLANPORT project.

Planport- is a decentralized supply chain protocol that brings corporations, suppliers, consulting firms, trade finance investors, banks, invoice publishers and developers in a managed ecosystem.

In addition, Planport intends to create a seamless interaction directly from on-boarding management, monitoring, publishing and expenditure, payment processing and performance analysis, among others.

 Enterprise Planport

Solutions Planport Supplier Solutions Financial Markets Trading Planport Planport is run by a team of experts at the individual level and collectively as a team of planport. The team is headed by Sophonias Isaac, a Design Designer Obsessed Entrepreneur, as the founder. Next is Hayden Young as CTO. Hayden has more than 20 years in the IT industry and brings the skills and experience that only put Planport in line to succeed.

With Planport, Companies will be able to quickly select invoices to liquidate and will be able to sell their invoices in a decentralized market. Factors will be able to directly audit the performance of the company (as well as its customers), reducing costly manual processes. This will reduce the costs associated with factor management and auditing, resulting in more competitive markets and cheaper solutions for all market participants.

All of the marketplace factoring sites will be available for instant sales of extraordinary invoices. Companies can even connect all their receivables to the factoring and reconciliation accounts market as soon as the invoices are issued.

Although multiple currencies can be supported, the PORT token will play a major role in this instant liquidity market. Factors can risk PORT on the system, determine the exact amount they are willing to enter into the factoring market, determine which qualifiers will determine whether the invoice is taken into account or not, and specify the costs to be associated with each factor. Costs can even be liquid, depending on the financial position of the company and its customers.

 General Information About ICO 

Token: PORT
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 500,000,000 PORT
Price: 1 PORT = 0,20 USD
Payment: ETHSoft cap: 20,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 49,400,000 USDPreICOQuantity: 70,000,000 PORT
Beginning: 11.07.2018
Completion: 10.08.2018
Bonus: PORT 1 = 0.17 USDICOQuantity: 150,000,000 PORT
Beginning: 11.08.2018
Completion: 30.09.2018 

 About Team 

Sophonias Isaach

Founder & CEO Sophonias is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16 and has extensive experience in information and interface development. He is passionate about philosophy, technology and decentralization.

The study of supply chain management in the MITx program has sparked interest and understanding of the supply chain industry. This led him to connect and implement with industry experts who allowed him to understand how the current systems were broken. His passion for technology and problem solving led him to search for Planport.

How to participate in exclusive personal sales and sign up for Public Presale

You can participate through the registration form here:

Please fill out the initial registration page with accurate details to ensure that all communications from Planport are sent to the correct destination.

The token port allocation is as follows:

Total Supply: 500,000,000 PORT

Total ICO Allocation: 270,000,000 PORT (54%)

Token will be distributed on 3 levels:

Level 1: 10% (PORT 50M) for Exclusive Private Presale @ $.15 For APPROVED whitelisted participants. At least 1 ETH, there will be no limit and maximum for this stage.

 Public Presale For APPROVED Whitelisted ParticipantsTo register a Public presale, please click on this link directing you to the form to be whitelisted. Make sure you reserve your place to participate in our upcoming public presale.


 Finally, what I can say is the tremendous potential of this company. All-round ICO is very striking. This is a great open road to enter the ICO world.If you know how to improve our community.
If you know how to spread information about us in this world.
If you have any ideas for other improvements, it is a privilege
If you all participate in our bounty.

More Information Visit The PLANPORT Link: 


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