Bitcore BTX - Dont forget this underdog


I have this coin on the radar since i claimed my Bitcore coins [ Bitcore is a hybrid Fork and all bitcoin holders at the time of the snapshot can claim there BTX ] and despite the current price the team behind it is still very active and manage to keep rolling out updates, adding services and improve there wallet.

In my view the crypto coin space is a endurance race and the specs of the blockchain that is used will be key to survive.
Bitcore has implemented a asic resistent Timetravel10 (GPU) mining algorithm, low fees, a small blockchain size [around 1gig at the moment ] and can adapt to future needs.


Over at there website things are looking good.... ios wallet support android is supported and ofcourse the QT wallet for linux/mac/windows users. There is also a online wallet available.
The places to trade or buy Bitcore is still growing and there roadmap is still actively worked on.
There news section is also good maintained and gets regularly updated.


When BTX get more traction and the roadmap milestones will be met this coin can gain fast in the crypto space.
Take a look at there whitepaper and compare it with your own favorite coin.

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Do your own review and im sure you will be impressed.