BIT.GAME: The Incredible Blockchain Game Solution and Exchange

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(Hours Left To Be Part Of The Blockchain Game Revolution and Reach the Hard Cap!!)

Good afternoon our distinguished community members. We are dedicated to carry out research on the most visionary and promising projects and introduce them on our website, Steemit account, and Twitter account. Today we are excited to talk about the World’s first blockchain game exchange platform BIT.GAME. As the revenue of the global game market has exploded in the recent years, it is significant to acknowledge and foresee the existing and future challenges of the industry to contribute to the further advancement of the market. Similarly, the blockchain technology has become enormously popular currently offering revolutionary solutions to existing issues in the various sectors. Based on their comprehensive market research, the experienced and idealistic team members behind the BIT.GAME project decided to create BIT.GAME to offer solutions to existing problems in the sector and contribute to the advancement of it developing a digital asset exchange platform for the vertical fields as well as blockchain games that will become larger with the community power. BIT.GAME platform will permanently enable the assets exchange for the promising blockchain game projects offering technical support promoting the DAICOs. Since the sector grows based on the data, the adaptation of the blockchain technology will help the game industry to maintain the smooth functioning of data preventing the unprecedented alterations.      

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The blockchain game sector has become popular recently with the explosion of the adoption of blockchain technology in various industries, but there are some issues that the actors of the industry such as players, developers, and investors. Fundamentally, the exchange of the game tokens and insufficient technical support seem the significant issues that the actors of the industry are facing with at the moment. In other words, the circulation, as well as trading of the tokens, constitute a serious challenge, and the lack of technical support slows down to further adoption of the blockchain technology in the sector. To offer reliable solutions to challenges, BIT.GAME team has decided to build BIT.GAME Solution that will solve the problems of the game developers because it will offer Single-Public, Off-Chain and Multi-Public Blockchain Solutions for the developers. Moreover, the team will build BIT.GAME Exchange providing the healthy circulation of the blockchain games. Participants of the platform will enjoy not only the first digital asset exchange but also PoC (Proof of Contribution) Mining Pool and Double Repurchase Program. BIT.GAME Platform will also enable the accumulation of capital for the additional growth. Furthermore, BIT.GAME  introduces the AIDEX BIT.GAME which will play the vital role in the development of the secure, transparent and cost-effective decentralized exchange in the future combining the artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Thus, BIT.GAME aims to offer robust solutions to existing issues in the industry contributing to further advancement of the blockchain games. 

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When BIT.GAME team provides the robust blockchain game exchange for the participants ensuring the healthy circulation, with the help of the BIT.GAME community it will be possible to build excellent blockchain game ecosystem. It is significant to underline that community will play crucial role in the further development of the BIT.GAME because they will be able to take part in the decision making processes of the BIT.GAME platform. They will enjoy the growth of the platform and receive amazing rewards through PoC mining pool and repurchase program. Moreover, the development of the blockchain games will be possible within the BIT.GAME’s Blockchain Game Development Lab supported by the valuable partners like TrustNote, GCS, Achain, Matrix AI Network and more. After following Data Mapping, Data Decentralization, and Content Decentralization steps, all the blockchain games will be ready to use, and participants of the BIT.GAME will take advantage the mining feature of them. Also, they will be able mine BIT.GAME’s BGX tokens and trade them on the BIT.GAME Exchange platform. In the near future, thanks to the AIDEX BIT.GAME decentralized exchange platform, participants will enjoy the sophisticated wallets within the ecosystem being able to manage all types of tokens and taking advantage of incredible number of secure, transparent and lucrative transactions thanks to the combination of the artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. BIT.GAME will resolve the current issues in the blockchain game industry prioritizing the excellent user experience and trouble-free development of the sector.   


Token Sale  

BIT.GAME introduces the ERC20 compliant BGX tokens. BIT.GAME has already reached the soft cap and really close reaching the hard cap. Hours left so hurry up and be part of the revolution of blockchain games!  



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