BX.BET Tha revolution in betting ecosystem

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Gambling has always been a profitable sphere. Nowadays, mankind makes online bets on sports, virtual sports, poker, casinos. From 2009 to 2018, the market grew to $ 60 billion. Sports is now used as a profession and as a source of income. However, the decline in the trust goes hand in hand with the growing demand. In addition, bookmakers have a low level of transparency and high operating costs. All of this leads to high margin ratios in favor of the bookmaker. These issues are a direct result of one fact: online bets are too centralized.
That's why the decentralized platform for betting BX.BET is an excellent solution to this problem. BX.BET is a decentralized sports platform with blockchain technology. The platform uses the potential of smart contracts, as well as rebuilds and revolutionizes the global sports and gambling market through more reliable and autonomous transactions.
BX.BET is an ecosystem of rates that meets all the requirements to act in the interests of users, giving them full control over their actions and funds at any time. The decentralized structure excludes the influence of centralized agents. In combination with the exchange rate model, the BX infrastructure will facilitate a fully transparent and easy-to-use betting practice. The platform sets new standards for online betting in the world. It manages a communication protocol that allows you to verify the legitimacy of new transactions and the exchange of messages between players. BX.BET is an exchange of bets, which means that players make bets equal to each other. Like the stock market, users can sell rates with certain odds and also users can buy them or place their own purchase orders with higher odds if they do not agree with the sellers.

Nowadays, a significant number of players are forced to patronize the dark bookies. There is a complete lack of a quality, affordable, transparent, effective, fair and comfortable atmosphere for professional sports players. The traditional system is archaic, controlled manually and filled with intermediaries. An unjust ecosystem causes a loss of financial benefits since illegal sports rates are fixed at $ 400 billion a year. The traditional system of rates is characterized by a tedious registration process, limited by the betting system, high-interest rates, lack of data storage, prolonged payments, etc.

You can watch the quick overview of the team behind the project:

Bx.BET revolutionized the sports industry. It is a decentralized ecosystem that offers participants a safe, transparent, reliable and convenient platform where sports events are controlled by cryptographically verifiable code. The platform allows users an unlimited number of bets. The system registers the financial status of players and fairly distributes the benefits. In addition, unlike a traditional system where large payouts are performed in bits, players receive instant rewards at the earliest possible time and can decide whether to deduce Bx.bet or use it.

Start Pre-ICO on October 15 and last until October 29, 2018
Start ICO on November 19 and last until December 17, 2018
The price of the token at the ICO stage will be 0.19 USD
Soft Cap - 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap - 20,000,000 USD
Website: https://bx.bet/en/
WhitePaper: https://bx.bet/static/files/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bxbet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ BXBETICO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BXBET/
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4641799.0

Author: Evheniya_Shmelkova
Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2170101;sa=statPanel
ETH address: 0x8b66e21474C68658FA1187CAC8666147481F4A84

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