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21077794_128448627782602_3869854366150888990_n.png is based on intelligence algorithms, segmentation, and historical data that can increase profits from ticket sales. establish a unique blockchain ecosystem which will forever change ticket
sales for the mass event industry. At the moment, the ticket sale market is surviving numerous problems, such as speculations at the secondary market, fraud and ticket falsification, incomplete sales and a lack of a consolidated tool for for the return of tickets. These are the basic topics for all industry’s conferences across the globe.

Blockchain technology forever gets rid of these problems, simplifies interaction between all of the market players and ensures transparency of economic processes, taking place in this industry. The Parties no longer need to trust each other as all deals are done right on the blockchain, and the interaction between them is regulated by smart-contracts.

Enjoy this video and learn more about or office:)))

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Nice office....

Thanks a lot!:)))

Hm... We have offices both in Russia and Europe. Please, follow our project, and take part in out Bounty program

Tommorow we start our ICO!!

Jealous that my office is not as kool as this. #Awesum!

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