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So this is pretty interesting:

People always watch the exchanges for crypto price action, but there’s a whole other scene going on: OTC. Over-the-counter trading means off-exchange, privately-arranged trades. It’s what the big guys use to buy and sell BTC, because exchanges generally don’t have the orderbook depth to support the size of orders they want to place without moving the market – maybe a lot. By some accounts, OTC trading accounts for higher volumes than on-exchange trading.

And it seems from this tweet and its replies that OTC trading is really hotting up. By nature it’s shadowy, since these are private deals and don’t figure into exchanges’ volumes. But billion-dollar orders of BTC? That’s worth paying attention to.

What that says is that big players consider this a good price point to take a position in bitcoin. You’re looking at orders of well over 100,000 BTC here, so this is pretty incredible stuff. The demand is certainly there for bitcoin, so if you were wondering: crypto is definitely not dead.

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ok and how do we watch for this OTC markets?

OTC sellers has channels on social medias like telegram twitter etc. You have to find them, but trusting them is also an issue.

business applications within needed industries that would benefit from using blockchain technology

Huge opportunity for everyone here. This is basically the patient stealing from the impatient here. Patience grasshoppers.


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It is difficult to find out how much volume is traded on OTC daily.


so much you pumped a very small post

In the first place, it don't matter actually , if you're a long term investor it's always a good news to you, and if you're a short term investor it's a bad news for you.

I agree with you....long term...all day! I buy and HODL! I'm truly hoping for some nice gains in volume and value in the summer months and into the fall! Keep up the good work here. -Respect

That tweet really went viral didn't it lol

What OTC exchanges is he talking about....would have helped if he included that in the tweet instead of just a pump statement

He's talking private sales. Like when I approach you at the water cooler and ask you if you want to buy/sell some bitcoin. OTC is not an 'exchange' like a formalized trading location/platform, they're more of a service.

Pretty inaccurate. ... Forex, CFDs etc are all OTC. Bitfinex has an OTC offering for larger clients. Forex is a trillion dollar a day industry, those trades aren't being made "at the water cooler" :)

By CFD do you mean contract for difference?

Preach it!! Stocks of course are traded OTC as well.

I see what you mean and stand corrected. :)

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Bitcoin zeroing

Crypto is definitely not dead , speculations can lead you believe otherwise. Real world development , infrastructure , adoption is highly reflective of the demand at the OTC. That directly correlates the technology perspective at broad scale.

A lot of effort, to tell that people sell crypto off exchanges?

Thanks, really interesting info :)
It's clear that big guys just can't use exchanges, even if they would like to, crypto exchanges is too far from perfect right now. But right now it's an ideal time for whales to get into game. I even hear a theory that huge hedge found dumped crypto market to get in on lower prices, since they could afford to get in on ATH.

Do you have a site you use to keep track?

Well I'm OTC seller since I sell through my ledger nano s to wallets of my clients. In this market trust is the most important thing and I always need to be loaded with currencies I work with.

Even when I invested my smsf, I used a broker to buy OTC, just so I can get that much money on at one price. So it is definitely true.

Isn't the whole point of the OTC market that people can't tell what is being bought and sold?

I wonder who that whale is! 100000 btc Thats a fortune! I dont ubderstand hoe that dosent move the market though.

Gonna look into these OTC trades

It's a good thing no source whatsoever was used. How could they possibly source any of OCT to begin with? It's anonymous and shodowy, is the claim.

The truth is, many of your claims in your article are just flat wrong and take out of your ass.

t’s what the big guys use to buy and sell BTC, because exchanges generally don’t have the orderbook depth to support the size of orders

This is just flat wrong. You're just carving towards people that believe illuminati kind of shit. Have OTC ever occured, or do they happen at all, off-exchange? Of course they do, but definitely not in the frequency to hold any real relevance.

This is totally blow out of proportion and really holds zero value whatsoever.

What that says is that big players consider this a good price point to take a position in bitcoin.

Obligatory "this is good for Crypto" kind of deal. If you dare reply OP, come with a source, because I do not hold your ass credit.

Yeah! It is interesting and full of information.
Thanks for sharing, sharing more posts like this.
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Well guys we all use crypto but all this time we had to deal with pumps and dumps watching them while getting happy and sometimes stressed out as well hehehe but one thing that came in my mind is this kind of true definition of explaining crypto in short words....
Cryptos are like a phoenix they born , they rise up , they fly , they get down and burn themselves out to ashes but keep in mind a phoenix rises again ....:)
A bit of imagination i hope you guys get it :P its phoenix myth combined into cryptocurrencies situation :P
Best regards from @helamia

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”
~ John Allen Paulos ~

Purchase the plunge and HODL," said Bitcoin bull Thomas Lee, head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisor, on CNBC's post-showcase demonstrate "Quick Money" on Wednesday.

"The state of mind in crypto is ghastly right now," the regarded Wall Street examiner said. "Long-lasting holders are stressed in light of the fact that they have huge picks up and they're stressed over falling costs. Yet, Bitcoin is an incredible store of significant worth. It works extremely well. It's sort of exhausting, in light of the fact that it's not the most recent and most energizing venture. Be that as it may, it additionally is a standout amongst the most fluid approaches to get introduction to crypto."

In a Wednesday note, Lee expounded on the 10 greatest days for Bitcoin every year, contrasting them with the conventional market: "Market timing is by and large demoralized in customary value contributing. In the event that a speculator passed up a major opportunity for the 10 greatest days (for S&P 500 [an American securities exchange index]) every year, the annualized return drops to 5.4% (ex-10 best), from 9.2%. As such, the case for purchase and hold in values is the open door cost of passing up a major opportunity for the 10 greatest days."

So if a financial specialist was to pass up a great opportunity for the 10 greatest days for Bitcoin, the annualized return drops 25% yearly, Lee composes. By and large, Bitcoin was during each time with the avoidance of the main 10 day increases, as indicated by Fundstrat information. 2017, for example, had an aggregate of 12 days speaking to the entire year return of BTC.
In any case, the investigation for the S&P 500's execution backpedals to 1954, while the nine-day normal for the entire year increases of Bitcoin just backpedals to 2013. This implies it is indistinct whether authentic examination on the decades-old securities exchange is suitable for the much more unstable digital money that is just 9 years of age.

Bitcoin is exchanging at the breakeven cost of mining, at about USD 8,000, in light of a model by Fundstrat, Bloomberg included. "We see positive impetuses for Bitcoin later in 2018, including the illumination of administrative obstacles," Fundstrat investigators wrote in the note.

Likewise, Bitcoin's present low offering value, gives speculators who aren't comfortable with cryptographic money an opportunity to think about the business, as opposed to bouncing in feet in the first place, CNBC revealed refering to Lee. "As terrible as it feels at this moment, Bitcoin has significantly more upside," he said..

Seems that cutting out the middle man - exchanges - would be preferable that way you can avoid the fees, so I understand why rich folks would prefer to do it this way, and yea I agree crypto is definitely not dead. It's the future, for sure!

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very very nice post. Thanks.

I am willing to bet all my BTC that your intended Steemit audience cannot participate in OTC markets so this is not all that interesting. OTC is for the 1%. You need a minimum of $100K-$250K, usually way more. OTC for BTC has been going on for a long time. It's not just about the Exchanges not being able to fill orders. OTC brokers are used in cases where individuals are trying to circumvent exchange controls because exchanges are not trusted. The OTC market is anything but convenient as the process is long. From finding a counter-party to negotiating a price and if in the US KYC due diligence is needed. Exchange volume doe does not represent true market-based Bitcoin supply and demand.

The most important thing for your audience to understand is this... until we have a marketplace where OTC is not needed to fill large orders, BTC will continue to be extremely volatile. I do not see this happening any time soon. Exchanges cannot operate in this market effectively nor do they want to be in this market. The prefer taking in high fees from small buyers.

Just use localbitcoin, if youi want to be part in OTC markets. No need to have 100.000 or more...

This post is not talking about local bitcoin OTC.

You said, none of his steemit audience would be able to participate in OTC markets. Local Bitcoin is a OTC market, where you dont need 100 to 250k. That was all I am saying...

The post was not talking about local bitcoin OTC so my comment was not meant to be taken out of context.

Nice post keep up the good work big thumbs up and a resteem from my side.cheers.....

nice work :)

I think it is good,I support you!

I am guessing the OTC market would be dominated by "smart" money, while exchanges targeting retail investors are comprised of more "dumb" money. Another very useful sentiment indicator.

Nice write up,good idea.
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Very thank you

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Well you could also say, if someone sells now 100.000 BTC, why didnt he do it 2 months ago?
And I am not sure about the source, claiming that OTC trade volume is at this level. I just think we need more consolidation. Volatility is down a lot, that is a good sign, but it will take time, till the market will recover. Just be patient.

Yes,it takes cryptocurrency to the next level of earning.cryptocurrency get efficence future by this type of trading,but we invest in cryptocurrecy we have always scare that our money can loss.Trading is a platform which make person poor or make people rich.But dont worry its safe.

Definitely, the crypto currency is something of a meticulous study. I am still ignorant of what is happening but we are learning from it.

Very recently Steve Wozniak was scammed out of around 70k in BTC watch any off market trades. If he can get scammed anyone can

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sure cryptocurrencies will not disappear from the market🔛despite the negative news until now😊 I hope it will have a great future✅

Hope to encourage new people

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This is the last thing I need to be wasting my money on.

thank for sharing.

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Much is the trading does go on there and anyone looking to buy and sell, large quantities, use OTC desks.

This is how we will begin to see institutions ramping up and get in to the market. They are not going to go to Coinbase.

People are naive, if they do not realize that the banks haven’t seen the writing on the wall. They know this is the future and they will position themselves to benefit and make money.

This will take off again!

Burn baby Burn!

How can OTC market help in understanding the Crypto market ?

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”
~ John Allen Paulosb~
hmmm.... can we wacth?

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that tweet ...

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The market is evolving - crypto currency is the future

excellent post. but where i find and watch out OTC markets.

This cartelization is the biggest hindrance to decentralizing crypto. Currently its the rich and powerful running the markets

Thank you for the info!

how to make power down?

As it seems, more and more people are looking for alternative solutions for transacting in crypto, outside traditional exchanges. What is everyone's stance on the current state of exchanges?

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Over-the-counter trade needs a guarantor, otherwise it's not safe.

thanks! i was wondering what this OTC was all about, and know I know. I knew this was going down, just didn't know the name! thanks

For many investors, there is little practical difference between OTC and major exchanges. Improvements in electronic quotation and trading have facilitated higher liquidity and better information. However, there are key differences between the transaction mediums.

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crypto currency might be the upcoming future dude.....

This is why regulation is important and very much necessary. OTC Block trades are extremely common when large chunk of shares change hands, bond markets are entirely OTC. IN equities, OTC trades do get reported, at least the volume. It is a regulatory requirement to ensure transparency in the markets.

Additionally OTC trades in these markets do not necessarily imply anything positive, if there is someone buying large volumes of btc at these prices, there may also be someone selling large chunks of btc at these prices. If the seller interest is higher, these large scale buy orders in OTC markets are probably getting filled sooner. Needs more data, the tweet.

Thanks for sharing this


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The cryptocurrency market is getting less and less

this is a real market place

Do you have any other creative alternative related to OTC?

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im holding out a little still i think it will drop some more



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Thanks for the post!
Is there any source where I can track the OTC volumes for altcoins? Something like coinmarketcap?
Thanks in advance!

Hey nice post makes alot of sence.

Interesting information... especially for those who are new to the cryptocurrencies world. Any updated recommendation about the virtual exchange of coins?

Before I used a Bitcoin ATM to make a handful of purchases, and before I was on Binance upping my trading game, and before I just started clicking 'buy' on my Coinbase app....I was using a website called Paxful which is seemingly like what you are discussing. The biggest problem I had with it though was the huge percent markups for currencies...perhaps that was because certain people wanted to keep their assets hidden? Good post. Thanks for the info. -Respect

I need to know more about this OTC market. Thanks for sharing the thought. It's time to do my own research now I guess :)

Cryptocurrency its not going anywhere anytime soon