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RE: What Is Something You Collect?

in #blockchain4 years ago

Great article! I have started to keep an eye on Gamedex too. The market for digital collectibles is HUGE and still growing.

Personally, I used to collect Carebear cards (don't laugh) when I was a child and then Garbage Pail Kids until my school banned them for being gross. Yesterday I came across an article via Hackernoon about a trading card on auction, and after reading it I literally got so excited that I sold some NEO to buy some cards! So I guess I am now a collector of Gods Unchained LOL!

I've also started following Steem Monsters (when I have time!), thanks to posts by @frankjoseph and @maverickinvictus who have both been entering some great content for the competitions. It's really cool to see all the different entries for this, so much talent on here.

Thanks again for your post. As you can tell, I too, am very enthusiastic about Gamedex and collectibles on the blockchain as a real use case :)



Hahahahaha I have to look up Garbage Pail Kids because I don't know what they are, but I laughed out loud when you said "my school banned them for being gross."

Wow that made my day haha. omg that's awesome you got those cards! You're right though...isn't it INSANE how huge the digital collectibles market is?!?!

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