The Internet no more in Hands of Big Corporations thanks to Titanium

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Hi guys! Remember the days in the early 00s when the Internet was so slow? Thanks God, now the things are different. But was it only the Internet speed that changed? The ways we use the Internet services have changed as well. We store our documents and photos in the Internet. We do not need to save the favorite songs on the PC anymore. It seems, the solution has never been more convenient and better. Till now! What if I tell you that the services we are using are obsolete and it’s time for the Internet to go virtual? Today I will tell you about a Titanium project designed to address the shortcomings of the today’s Internet, and make the procedures in other spheres much easier and faster thanks to the number of innovative solutions.

With the Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) solution, every device can be virtualized. Just imagine your opportunities when you know that the routers, firewalls and specialized equipment – even the one for mining! – can exist in an entirely cloud-based environment. Of course, it will eliminate so many issues (e. g. safety in the Internet and the lack of space) creating the revolution in the Internet services. The idea is to create a decentralized network of these components. In order to do this, the experienced Titanium team developed a number of services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Company as a Service™ (CaaS), Bring Your Own Cloud™ (BYOC), DEXchange™, Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Mining as a Service™ (MIaaS), Instant ICO Incubator™ (III).
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As this is only a brief review and you can read more details in the project Whitepaper, I will tell you about the offered solutions which seem most revolutionary to me. One of them is the Company as a Service™ (CaaS). Titanium offers an automated wizard with the help of which you can create a new company from scratch making use of smart contracts. This service can greatly simplify the life of newbie entrepreneurs. This solution is a new and easy way to obtain the business licenses, create business accounts in banks, make an application for a patent, rent an office or equipment, hire employees, register domains – everything just from your chair. Just compare this with the bureaucratic procedures that we have now and you will see: this is a step to the better future.

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Next, I will describe the concept of a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Just imagine: you can develop, launch and monitor applications without having to create a complex infrastructure. The users need to purchase from Titanium only the resources that are really needed, and pay for them the amounts depending on the usage. You just manage the applications and services you develop, and Titanium takes care of everything else. Thanks to PaaS, you can shorten the time to write a code, expand development capabilities without increasing staff, simplify the development of multiple platforms, gain access to intelligent tools, unite team members located in different countries and effectively manage the application lifecycle. Besides, Titanium will use its virtualization technologies to provide a Desktop as a service (DaaS™): TBIS users can access their desktop computer from a smartphone. Actually, the entire user computers are hosted on the Titanium cloud, which is a part of a decentralized infrastructure – and this means that your data is no more in the possession of Amazon or other giant corporations. Just imagine: you can use your computer just like you would use any other websites! Another service I find truly revolutionary is Bring Your Own Cloud™ (BYOC™). In order to join the BYOC™ computing environment users have to contribute hashpower to the network (to encrypt the communications). In return users will get a really private computing environment.
The native TBIS platform token will be a ERC20 BAR token. This will be needed for the key functions to be performed, such as means of payment for products and services in the ecosystem, for participating in milestone completion voting, for verifying third-party market place smart contracts, and will be withdrawn as a fee for further re-sale and turning back to the infrastructure. If you want to join the ecosystem, you will have to possess the BAR tokens.
The Titanium team will offer the BAR-tokens during the token sale which is now live and will last till the hard cap is reached (this hard cap is not being revealed). For now, the project has already shown a success: in just two weeks of pre-sale, more than a double goal amount was collected.
The team foresees an attractive system of bonuses and reward campaigns:
a) By inviting friends to participate in ICO and investing the equivalent of 0.01 ETH, you can get a referral bonus of 5%
b) 15% bonus for early buyers
c) A variety of bounty campaigns
d) Airdrop for Telegram-chat participants.

Useful links:
ANN Thread on BCT:
Bounty Thread on BCT:
Telegram Chat:

My BCT profile link: cr_liev,;u=1046642;
My ETH-address: 0x9F8051399114A4C8b9A742Dbb51C10162E61F234

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