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Hi guys! Digitalization which becomes even more mass adopted every day makes our lives so much easier. But that’s not the only advantage of digitalization. Do you want to know how it helps to save your money? Then read ahead and imagine yourself at a casino table somewhere in Macau! Today I’ll review another project on the blockchain, Dragon Inc., designed to solve the problem due to which even the victories can be overshadowed: high unjustified casino fees. If you understand how many unnecessary commissions are required to be paid by both players and VIP-room organizers for high rollers, such a fee for satisfying your thirst for excitement can seem very high. The use of technical innovations in the casino sector will help to save on costs and increase efficiency. Today, thanks to the introduction of digital money, it became possible to eliminate unnecessary costs, as well as through the passage of KYC-verification to prevent money laundering cases so common in this sector.

You must have heard about junket tours. These are small trips, organized by a casino, and to which guests are invited – whose only duty is to play (…and pay)! It is in Macau that this kind of entertainment is popular for those who like to play big. Of course, the conditions of junket tours can differ depending on the organizer. But in all cases a junket tour is associated with a number of fees required to be paid by a player all the way till he/she gets home to get the winnings.
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A large player gives a deposit to a representative of the junket tour, which gives a certain amount (usually 5%) to the casino agent as a fee for the possibility of entering the event. Upon arrival, the player registers to participate, and his money turns into chips. It is interesting that after the event, in order to cash the chips, the player will again have to deal with both the agent and the representative of the junket-ticket cash desk, each of which has his own fee rate. What will the winner get as a result?
The Dragon Inc. solution is designed to meet the needs of both casinos and players, at first in the sector of organizing junket tours in Macau. The Dragon community will be created, and only members of this community will be able to participate in the organized junket tours from Dragon Inc. In Dragon's junket tours, there will be no demand for high initial bets. Today, the company already cooperates with four organizers of junket tours and has access to tens of thousands of elite players around the world (which is important for the successful launch of the project). Each member of the community will have his own account, from which it will be possible to withdraw money using the Dragon's debit cards. I consider it an interesting decision to initiate installation of special Dragon ATMs at company tours and casino partners. In my opinion, this will develop interest in the company and will attract even more players to the community.
As a currency on the platform, DRG tokens will be used, which will also guarantee membership in the community. In addition, the owners of tokens will have other privileges. For DRG tokens, you can buy DGC chips, the value of which will be tied to the value of a certain currency (the first release is tied to the value of the Hong Kong dollar). Thus, the team solved the question of the volatility of the crypto currency. If during the game the player needs to replenish the reserves of physical chips, he can easily and without any fees convert existing DGC-chips to continue the game. Having won a certain number of chips, the player will be able to convert them back to the digital currency DRG or the fiat one. Due to the possibility of storing money in a digital currency, you can avoid having to declare large amounts when crossing borders or to pay unjustified fees. Thus, Dragon's solution will ensure the safety of the game, the ease of conversion and the speed of all operations.
To implement the project, the company launches TGE, which will be one of the largest in the history of ICO. It is planned to collect more than 400 million US dollars, of which 320 million were already collected on pre-sale! Hurry up, as the sale closes tomorrow, on the March 15th!
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