New Step in AI Evolution with Nebula AI

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  Hi guys! Have you ever thought about the ways robots will change the world? One day you will wake up, and the scenes you will see in the streets will resemble the ones you saw in the science fiction movies! The futuristic techs are becoming a reality today, integrating into the everyday routine. Such modern technologies as the Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain are being used more and more often – even if you don’t notice it. However, this is only a new sphere, where many problems are needed to be solved. Different systems, even highly intellectual ones, need external interventions and are subject to errors, as well as failures leading to the loss of large amounts of data and huge losses. That's why many companies are investing a lot in developing solutions for these shortcomings, actively taking advantage of decentralization. In this article I will review a project that offers a unique solution in order to contribute to the development of the AI sphere in connection with the blockchain technology. It's about the blockchain of a new generation Nebula AI (NBAI).

  I am really inspired by the idea of the project which is brilliant but simple. Imagine: the resources miners use for the useless hashes-guessing can be applied for the world-changing developments in the field of the artificial intelligence, for example for teaching artificial neural systems. The AI systems developers will be able to concentrate on their tasks, without the need to cope with the failures first! How can they ensure this? In fact, the Nebula blockchain offers the work of mining farms with the Proof-of-Work algorithm. The team promises that energy costs for mining on their blockchain will be lower. Thanks to this scheme of work, the problems associated with computing power for the tasks of machine learning and analysis of large data sets are solved. For more information on algorithms and workflow schemes, see the project whitepaper.

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  As for me, I can’t but mention the benefits of the project for the technology and scientific developments. It really wins my heart, that the fund of the NBAI ecosystem will be used for the following goals: engagement of scientific groups (e. g. from universities) to provide resources for computing (some of them will be transferred to university campuses); creation of AI data processing center to provide sufficient computing power at the beginning, it is planned that later the computing power will be provided by individuals within the decentralized framework; ensuring of the work of the AI Academy in the United States, Canada, etc. with the goal of training engineers. In this way, it is possible to raise a new generation of engineers who will be able to deal with the tasks of the future. Besides, thanks to the blockchain nature of the platform, the bright minds from all over the world will be able to contribute to the AI systems development!

  It’s necessary to know that the team has already begun to work with the students of one of the best universities in Canada, Concordia in Montreal. This will drive the popularization of the Nebula AI Network in academic and scientific environment, so my applauses to the marketing team! Besides, there are the use cases of the platform described: trading in algorithms of financial mathematics, training AI in the university environment and even detecting cancerous tumors! Seems like the solution will revolutionize the way we perceive the technologies!

  This huge idea requires some investments to be implemented. That is why the team launches the token sale with an unusually small cap of about 16,000,000 million USD. This is a very small cap for a blockchain and such a unique idea. To my mind, the hardcap may be reached in no time, and the platform tokens will be in demand on the stock exchanges for both in the short and long term. Don’t hesitate to support the project!

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