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  Hi guys! I’m not a health care worker, but I know that health shouldn’t be taken for granted, and have learned from my own experience that it is better to warn a disease than to cure it, especially when it comes to diseases such as cancer. Unfortunately, there is one more factor that can have a significant impact on the duration and quality of life that doesn’t depend on our life habits. Modern science shows that a person can be genetically predisposed to a number of diseases, and in order to know for sure what kind of risk exists, quite specific genomic studies are being conducted, which are becoming more and more accessible for an average person. Even now some commercial institutions provide an opportunity to order a genetic analysis. Still, we have still a long way to go till genetic researches stop being something accessible only to scientists and selected rich people but rather become quite a natural part of medical care. And this review is devoted to a company which aims at changing the situation in this relation.

  The Shivom team creates a platform for the collection and storage of genetic analysis data in order to improve medical care at the global level. Like any other health care information, genetic research data is confidential and should be available only to its owner and distributed only by his/her consent. However, in contrary to the usual medical conditions, information about which is used mostly for statistics, the results of genomic researches can really play a decisive role in changing the picture of the world population. Just imagine: experiments performed on the basis of known data on the genetic code can lead to getting rid of the inherited diseases of whole nations! In this regard, the creation of a platform for secure, encrypted storage of genetic research data is a proactive approach, a foreboding of the coming global changes.
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Genomic analysis becoming more accessible thanks to Shivom solution

  At the present time databases in various areas of biological science have been created on the basis of research that deal with the nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites, etc. in the structural-functional relationship. But the fact that these databases are centralized entails risks such as unauthorized use of this confidential information; first of all for the commercial benefits. The Shivom platform will allow users not only to contribute to the development of such databases or genetic group researches, but also to be rewarded for providing access to their information that can be used by pharmaceutical or research companies. Thanks to cooperation with laboratories and medical centers around the world, Shivom will be able to provide more detailed research results with decoding and even medical recommendations! The global idea of the project is to create a unified environment in which users can share their genomic information with the benefits for their health and global medicine development. In addition, there will be an open trading platform for the distribution of theme applications, nutrition recommendations, genealogical information, etc. Thus, even if a person does not have the physical ability to get the professional services, in this ecosystem you will be able to find the necessary information or specialist, who can consult you. And this is all without the need for knowledge in the field of smart contracts or blockchain, which, in fact, will ensure the anonymity, transparency and security of all processes and procedures on the platform. Thanks to Shivom, genetic research will not remain a privilege for the elite, and research in this area will be more reliable and accurate. In my opinion, this decision is a real breakthrough at the intersection of various industries related to the provision of a healthy life for current and future generations.
  As already mentioned, a special reward system will be implemented on the platform. For all the operations OmiX utility tokens will be used. If you are interested in the idea and want to become a participant of this groundbreaking ecosystem and make your contribution to the revolutionary changes in the industry, you still have an opportunity to purchase OmiX tokens. The terms of the purchase can be found on the project website.
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Shivom token sale use of proceeds

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