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Hi guys! What purpose do you use crypto for? As it is quite a new sphere of economics, not many merchants accept cryptocurrencies as a way of payment, which makes a possibility of quick and wide cryptocurrency adoption a big question. Still, currently many solutions are being developed in this area. And this article will be devoted to one of them: a smart FuzeX ecosystem with an eCard for cryptocurrency payments.
Life would be so much easier if you could just pass your debit card to a retailer and pay for the goods with your cryptomoney. FuzeX offers even more. Just imagine, you choose the currency you want to spend (whether it’s crypto or fiat, or even a discount account), on the debit card, pass it to the seller, who inserts or swipes it on the terminal, and the payment is completed! Perhaps the seller will be attracted by the posh design of your card, but he will notice no other differences in the payment process. Meanwhile, FuzeX cards store a lot of secrets that will ensure the comfortable use of crypto-currencies, fiat currencies and discount accounts – all of these (up to 30) can be stored in this one smart eCard. Actually, the solution is based on the team’s experience in implementing innovative Fuze cards, which can store up to 30 debit, credit or discount cards, but now the cryptocurrency accounts are also integrated. The new FuzeX card is equipped with buttons for turning on and off, entering PIN codes, selecting options and confirming payments. On the electronic paper display, you can view card balances, discount barcodes and QR-codes of addresses in the blockchain network. In addition, data from the FuzeX card can be deleted remotely. This card, or rather the whole device for storing a lot of cards and payment, is designed with a minimum of 45 days of battery life in mind with the possibility of recharging by means of a portable charger.

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But in order to make cryptocurrency payments simple one card is not enough. The team creates an entire FuzeX ecosystem in which each element performs an important task. For example, for optimal account management, a FuzeX electronic wallet app is provided. By means of a Bluetooth connection between the card and the wallet, you can provide additional protection for your funds. For example, if the connection is broken, users can block the card in order to avoid improper use by others. The card paired with the wallet can also be used as a store for private keys, and two-factor authentication will help prevent frauds with cards.
The important component of the ecosystem is the FuzeX exchange. It is through the exchange that the processes not visible to the users but critical to the payment procedure will be performed.
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FuzeX Exchange

At first, the FuzeX exchange will be a backend platform, and the company will conclude deals with existing exchanges and issuers. As the development of the team will strive to create its own centralized FuzeX exchange. Some of the platform functions will be as follows: real-time payment, storing of a large number of reserve cryptographic and fiat currencies (which will ensure a smooth exchange), receiving information about the user account balance via interaction with issuers and traditional payment networks. If the user chooses a currency on the card, the confirmation of the choice will be received at the exchange, and the transaction will be possible. In order for the exchange to maintain sufficient funds necessary to carry out transactions, the FuzeX exchange will offer the market with excess crypto currency received from users. And the income from the excess cryptocurrency sales will be used to hedge the risks associated with currency fluctuations.
In order to obtain the right to become a member of the ecosystem, the users will need FXT tokens. They will be used to buy a FuzeX card, pay annual membership fees and pay commissions for transactions. In addition, the team plans to integrate and establish partnerships with other brands, which will make the ecosystem a platform offering some services. FXT Tokens will at the same time serve as a means of paying for partner services and will be used to convert partner tokens. The tokens generated during the token sale will be distributed as follows:

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You can purchase FXT tokens today. The pre-sale has started, and during this period you can buy tokens with a 25% bonus. The minimum contribution is 5 ETH. During the main sales phase (dates to be specified), you will be able to buy FXT tokens with a 10% bonus. The minimum contribution will be 0.1 ETH. In addition, participants in all stages of sales that will contribute at least 5 ETH will receive a free FuzeX card.
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FuzeX Token Sale Details
You can also support the project by participating in the variety of bounty campaigns (for terms, see the links below).

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this is great news. thanks for sharing. I will definitely take a look at this

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