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Hello Dear followers, In today's article, I will introduce you the Krios project which was developed by using block chain technology on digital marketing which is one of the most important marketing strategies of our modern era.

Smart technologies and growing mobile devices that have been developed as a result of developing technology have changed our way of life and changed our shopping and buying habits altogether. Digital marketing is the name given to the marketing process of a company or brand in the digital world.

Digital marketing strategies have become the newest and most suitable marketing method of our age as a result of developing digital technologies. Unlike traditional written and visual media (radio, television, newspapers and physical boards), digital marketing methods that are in contact with consumers using more interactive methods are being developed with innovative approaches day by day.

In the digital marketing system, mobile and other interactive channels are used in the Internet instead of traditional marketing channels such as printed and visual media and billboards. Thanks to the internet access in digital marketing, the target audience is always contacted at the right time and at the right place and more productive works can be done than traditional marketing strategies.

The development and widespread use of Internet technology continues to make a return as new technologies. One of the most important examples of this is the block chain project. Block chain technology is a system that ensures that transactions on the same network are safe and verifiable and that these processes can be monitored and stored permanently.

Krios project, which is the subject of today's article, aims to solve the existing problems in marketing by supporting digital marketing strategies with block chain technology.

The Krios project aims to provide companies with services such as creating social media campaigns, managing marketing campaigns, advertising for the target audience and creating a marketing team using the Krios platform.
We will no longer encounter irrelevant advertisements and we will see ads based on our interests. The companies that are free of the costs caused by unrelated advertisements will also have the opportunity to offer more affordable products.

The Krios platform will enable the creation of an expert team about the campaigns planned to be managed, which will enable the target group to be identified by implementing the most efficient strategies, eliminating unnecessary costs and thus enabling an appropriate campaign. The fact that the entire team will meet on one platform will provide great advantages in terms of both cost, convenience and functionality.

Thanks to the block chain technology, Krios, which is a decentralized secure platform, will be the solution to all bank and payment problems thanks to the crypto money developed specifically for the platform. The problems that are caused by the use of a different currency by every country in marketing, which is an international market, will become history.

The smart contracts offered by the platform will provide great convenience in all campaign management and will prevent any problems in receiving payments.

The Krios platform will provide effective names on social media, business professionals on digital marketing, and work on project platforms.

The Krios platform demands a much lower commission than all these services. 35% of the traditional marketing agencies, 20% of the online platforms demand a commission, while the Krios platform allows for a significant reduction of the entire cost with a slight figure of 3%.


The crypto currency developed for the Krios platform I mentioned above will be recognized by the KRI symbol. The KRI token has been developed in accordance with ERC 20 standards with Ethereum platform technology. The pre-sale in November of last year, and the ico process from January to May this year, a significant investment of 20 million dollars was collected in the project. KRI tokens offered for sale at $ 0.07 in pre-sale were sold for 0,10 dollars in ico.

The majority of 70% of the collected investments are used in the development of the project and the remaining amount is distributed to be 15% marketing, 10% consultants and 5% project team.

This project, which aims to help companies reach their potential by offering the most efficient and low cost digital marketing solutions, aims to have 10% of the market in the world by 2021.

For my readers who want to get more detailed information about the project, I list the social media links of the project below and put an end to my writing and I wish you all the best.


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