Fuzex and the market

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Positive aspects of the project
FuzeX allows holders of crypto currency to spend their money on any regular payment terminal that accepts cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. The removal of the barrier between crypto-currencies and real costs in the world is absolutely necessary to promote widespread promotion. People should be able to spend their crypto assets as easily as they spend their national currency.

FuzeX does a great job of explaining what is used for the FuzeX card. Super Easy Research for investors. Extensive documentation, including a complete technical document, one pager and some demo videos for investors who help to better feel on the platform. The graphics are well structured and presented.

FuzeX team members were very successful in their previous fields, their profiles are completely open and accessible to the public at Linkedin. Chief Technical Officer Fuzex Michael (Taesung) Park, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Iot / B2b Solution Team from 1996 to 2016. The CEO of FuzeX, Andrew (Jaehun) BAE, was vice president and co-founder of Crucialtec.Com for almost 11 years.

We like the idea of ​​the FXT token, which is ultimately used to convert to other tokens released by other companies in the Blockchain space. This function, of course, has a long-term goal and is completely dependent on the tokenization of various industries and business models. It really can happen in any way, but it's definitely a unique feature for FuzeX.

Fuzex does offer a unique opportunity for people to store up to 15 crypto currency accounts, 10 credit or debit cards and 5 reward cards on the FuzeX card. Even if you are a small investor with a crypto currency or just holding a few coins, you can still use the card as any ordinary debit card. This is another attractive feature that will definitely help in providing.

Negative moments
FuzeX does not use a roadmap on its website. The "road map" is indicated in the document on page 25. Investors do not have the opportunity to use the site for convenience and study the FuzeX team's plans. Developers could easily and simply fix this situation to improve the provision of a better and more powerful own product, but they did not.

The FXT coin has some wonderful uses that are quite similar with competitors. We notice that users will need to pay an annual membership to use Fusex cards and transaction limits, depending on the number of FXT tokens that are executed by the user. Our common concern with this model is the membership function. Users will have access to the nearest debit card solution closest to the current Visa / Mastercard, which does not charge any commission for membership.

Fintech applications, as well as often associated with rules, statements, etc. We have seen older projects, such as TenX and Monaco, with their card providers, regulatory boards and other financial factors that do not need clarification. Its touching area, which takes into account the crypto-currency, threatens the very operation of centralized banks and finance. This is one step at a time in this industry.

The project has all the necessary strategic partners and connections in the world of crypto-currencies in order to create and launch a truly worthwhile product on the market that will be used all over the world. There is a huge number of positive prerequisites for this. But for this, do not forget about what exactly the client lacks, and focus on this attention, if this step the team will take into account in its further developments, then the project is provided with a great and bright future.
Project Contacts:

Official website - https://fuzex.co/
White paper - https://fuzex.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/FuzeX_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram - https://t.me/FuzeX
Twitter - https://twitter.com/fuzex_co
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fuzex.co

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