Steemhunt: A Steem Fueled Product Hunt [Steemfest 3.0 Presentations]

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Steemfest 3.0 was last week’s conference dedicated to the development of the Steem blockchain and the applications being built on the distributed DPoS system. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite sections and applications that were recording during this time, all tools that creative professionals and content creators can use today to monetize their work and passion on the Steem blockchain.

Today's is Steemhunt, a decentralized ecosystem that supports product and application discovery, rewarding those that contribute to comprehensive knowledge sharing and reviews. They've already launched their own native 'Hunt tokens' in preparation for a future token offering. In the meanwhile, you can earn crypto-backed upvotes on their platform!

Name: Steemhunt at Steemfest 3.0
Video: Link

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💁👍 Awesome site , i have been a memeber of @steemhunt for a while now and love it, I just hit the top score of 5 today for the first time and had my highest paying post on the "Active Star" That i did yesterday that is now up to 416.85 , so its pretty awesome , and will be cool to see what the tokens are worth once the SMTs launch fully in March. I am all ready up to 6,155.51 in my wallet just from mostly upvoting and commenting, so its very exciting times indeed !! Thanks for sharing this from Steemfest @creativecrypto ! upped and resteemed!💁✌👍💕

Awe thanks for your awesome comment, YOU TOO!👍✌💕💁

Hey girl, anytime! We girls have to kick

I'm loving it too.. especially since hunt post automatically post on steemit!!

Yes it's awesome 👍😊

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Suggestion to skip and play to 1:24:30 for SteemHunt presentation :D.

Strange, it works on our Steempress site. Just fixed it!

I absolutely love steemhunt! I can't believe all the new technology they are coming out with. I'm seeing a lot of things I could certainly use here in my off grid cabin. And the progress in ai is mind boggling. Resteemed this post.

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