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Zsolt Vidak is an award-winning Hungarian graphic artist and lead art contributor for The Creative Crypto magazine.

This Carousel highlights key works by Zsolt Vidak created for unique articles on the magazine found here.

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A magazine dedicated to all things creative on the blockchain. This Steem account hosts a chronological record of all visual and written publication content.

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Well congratulations to you

Posted using Partiko Android

The picture is very creative! ONE THOUSAND FLOWERS 🌺 means a lots of love!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Fantastic! That's so awesome to hear that y'all have garnered such a great following! Maybe y'all are the start of a blockchain revolution for journalism, magazines, and publications! :)

EDIT: I just realized this was about the art piece, not the fact that y'all crossed the 1000 follower mark, which happened back in April.