CryptoTwitter and the RippleClinton Memes

in blockchain •  4 months ago


This past week, it was announced by Ripple that the keynote speaker for their upcoming Swell conference would be former US President Bill Clinton. Ripple has always been one to go big with their publicity lineup and has received ongoing scrutiny in the past. Clinton is no exception, with his literally politicized persona. "CryptoTwitter" was swift and merciless in its response.



Then came the inevitable memes, poking deep into the way Ripple has a record of bringing on seemingly random yet absurdly expensive figureheads to represent their activities. The creativity of CryptoTwitter should never be underestimated.





Humor is always welcome in these bearish times. Happy Saturday!

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lol, #CryptoTwitter went in... follow me, I'll follow back: DonaldPorterJM

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I saw a tweet that said how everyone is laughing from all these memes but think about all the free marketing we all did for Ripple. I didn't hear about Swell until these memes and now I kind of want to go lol.