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Hello, Steemians! We are grateful to present the ConnectUS project on steemit!

Resources have evolved to generate the ideal climate for the largest distribution of wealth in history.
Adapt to this new era and be part of the brightest future ever seen, together we can achieve it.

We are creating a community of digital nomads, companies, developers, designers, traders and producers, which will culminate in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It is an autonomous organization that is governed by mathematical rules in unstoppable programmed algorithms (Blockchain).
The Satoshi Nakamoto Experiment says it all, our mission is to be a complete and superior economic alternative to the current one.

If you still want to understand what this Blockchain is all about, we recommend you take the time to watch the following video:

ConnectUS Network opens its initial offer with 3 cutting-edge services.


Blockchain Training for Companies

Selling Business Bots

Consultancy for investment in cryptoactives

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Blockchain-based economies are tools within the internet of value. This is useful in several sectors, because it has many advantages over the traditional way of marketing:
  • It is more efficient because it saves on post-transaction costs, such as in information reconciliation processes with counterparties, auditors and regulators.

  • It is more secure because distributed records allow you to verify transactions and collaboration at different nodes in a global and distributed way.

  • It is more transparent because the identities of blockchain users are public, and anyone can access the records to verify their security and contribute to the network.

Contribute to the growth of this project and become a worldwide philanthropic organization established to give liquids in the traditional system. It would be an organization that cooperates with the institutions and governments of the world that is governed by an Economy for 90% of the population and that is dedicated to the search for solutions to the most urgent and pragmatic problems of the world.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it," Alan Kay.

See you soon.



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