Why will Confideal ICO be successful?

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Many factors influence the chances for a successful ICO and they can predict whether it will be valuable for its investors. Nowadays, when numerous ICOs unfold, a sound tech-investor needs to tell the difference between a plain Ponzi and a decent piece of innovation. Let’s take a look at the essential features of a successful ICO on the example of Confideal smart contract platform, which launches its token sale on the 2nd of November 2017.


More or less it is one of the most important factors of the ICOs credibility. If it is hard to find who the team is, what background do they have, or if there are many controversial opinions on them on the net, it is a call to research more on this particular ICO. You should also take into consideration the fact whether the team has any previous crypto experience or has been previously involved in similar projects.

For instance, Confideal team have links to all their social media profiles on the website and you can talk to them directly in a Telegram chat. There are many prominent tech and crypto activists among them. Not least important is the fact that they are easy to reach owing to the numerous live sessions, quick responses in social networks and blockchain activism and presentations at the world biggest blockchain events.

Media coverage

It is good to see the project covered by some trustworthy media resources. As for Confideal, such big and reputable crypto editorials as The Merkel, LiveBitcoinNews and Bitcoinist have written some extremely profound reviews of the product, Confideal ICO, and its team.

Stage of the project

A bad omen is when ICO claims to have an idea to start having an idea, or in other words to have nothing except a “broad vision for a better future to come”. ICOs should at least have a detailed and concise whitepaper, where all the details of the future project will be explained. Another positive sign is that the team may offer a basic MVP for testing, as it is with Confideal, the ready-to-use smart contract creator which is already available for assessing.


It is vital to have a wide-open community online, ready to address any arising issues concerning the product itself or the forthcoming token sale. Openness is as crucial in gaining your trust as the Github code. Try to grasp the atmosphere within the community. Not only the fact that there is some channel on Slack should be taken into consideration, but whether the community is active and open. With that regard, Confideal Telegram chat community has rapidly reached over 500 members, to say nothing of the number of its Facebook supporters which now exceeds 71K followers is just impressing. 

Live communication is also important, for this reason, Confideal frequently launches live Q&A sessions, featuring different members of its team.

Advisory board

With any new venture, the right team of individuals with the perfect combination of expertise, skills and backgrounds is key to success. A group of advisors should have a wide array of talents that will all contribute significantly to project’s ability to rapidly expand grow.

With industry thought leaders in entrepreneurship, finance, fundraising, marketing and law, Confideal is highly confident in its ability to revolutionize smart contract market. 

Token distribution, white paper, and cap

A distinctive feature of a good project is the link between its token distribution and the roadmap, showing the required amount of funding at each milestone of the project. Needless to say, that having a look at the project’s whitepaper is a must. Most typical investors don’t bother to read through the whitepaper, even though it contains all the necessary information about the upcoming project and the ICO. To read through the Confideal whitepaper you may check this link, or for those who frowns upon reading more than a page, Confideal team has prepared a basic outline of its ICO in the one-pager

(Confideal has a detailed economic structure)

Geek check — GitHub

The problem with programmers is that an average person can hardly tell the difference between good coding and random words. For him, the two are equally illegible. But very often many ICOs don’t bother to have any. They say, a piece of code reflects the attitude of a developer, but the absence of any presentation of the backstage of the project indicates the attitude of the creators. Moreover, the fact that there is a ready-to-use product, as in the case with Confideal, offers you a possibility to try and use the product yourself.

Will Confideal ICO be successful? Definitely!

Overall, before splashing out on the seemingly lucrative ICO, make sure you are certain about some basics, like who stands behind, is there any product or MVP, and have a close look at what the whitepaper reveal about the project. With all those factors considered, Confideal ICO is very promising, so not to miss its development make sure to subscribe to the whitelist


Connect with us!

We encourage you to stay in touch with us to receive updates on our project through the following channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/confideal.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/confideal_io

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2201499

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Confideal/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/confideal/

Telegram: https://t.me/confidealioeng  


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I have got my own 5 reasons: Own Ecosystem, Working product in alpha version, Real usage (example in cryptocurrency space), Interesting partnership, Good contact with community from the team! LET'S GO CONFIDEAL! You're going to do it and we will help you as community :)


Thank you so much for your support!

really nice project.upvote & resteem done