Emercoin Review

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Emercoin is a budding platform in secure, decentralized blockchain business services. With many firms utilizing Emercoin technology, there is a professional Emercoin team that develops and handles services for the public Emercoin Blockchain as well as using the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) to carry out a variety of services. This platform offers real-world solutions and innovative strategies to solve sophisticated problems and is the leading public blockchain for decentralized, secure business operations. The unique feature of Emercoin is that it developed a revolutionary data organization system which enables these services to utilize essential data without resorting to complicated coding languages and huge amounts of storage space. The benefits of Emercoin are numerous but not limited to; Flexibility, Reliability and robust security services.

Emercoin supports a diverse variety of distributed trusted services. Distinctive features include robustness, high reliability and 3-in-one hybrid mining which includes PoW, MergedMining, and PoS. At present, the Emercoin platform handles several systems and operations such as; VOIP solution ENUMer, decentralized domain system EmerDNS and a host of other blockchain services. Integrating all the security services of bitcoin, Emercoin is powered via peer-to-peer technology embedded with a decentralized system. It handles the currency issuance and transaction verification through consensus. All records are permanently stored and cannot be revoked, altered or suspended by the authority. Due to the integration of PoS and PoW, it has helped improve the level of security in the system. In addition, with the incorporation of the features of Bitcoin into Emercoin, the platform has benefited immensely from the mining power of the Bitcoin network to enhance the security and improve the overall performance.

This platform supports numerous varieties of business services and operations. We will discuss the technical solutions offered by this platform. EmerDPO is a decentralized record of ownership certificates; it is functional in organizations where you can’t hand over the management of ownership to a single individual or authority. Before the enforcement of blockchain, it was incredibly difficult to validate ownership. But, that has become a thing of the past with the implementation of Emercoin blockchain as the ownership of digital and physical goods are transferred to the rightful owners. Another feature of Emercoin is the EmerTTS (Trusted Timestamp). It applies the existing timestamp to any record incorporated into the Emercoin blockchain. The blockchain network authenticates the accuracy of the timestamp and rejects any unauthorized attempts to upload record.

Despite these amazing features and groundbreaking innovations, Emercoin plans to incorporate more features into the platform. Some of the plans are; the integration of Lightning network with the Bitfury’s Exonum protocol, Improvement, promotion and development of existing and new products/services, Redesign of the EmerLNX advertisement system and creation of a customized browser to offer loads of Emercoin services. The brain behind this phenomenal project is Eugene Shumilov. He is assisted by a group of professionals who are committed to the continual development of the platform. Some of the team members include; Oleg Khovayko (Chief Technology Officer), Kostiantyn Bigus (Managing Director), Stan Polozov (Blockchain Implementation Specialist), Eugene Merenkov (Senior Software Engineer) and Mikhail Voevodskiy (Integration Architect).

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