Thibauld Favre, Fairmint & Continuous Organizations at CoinFund Rabbithole Talks | April 16, 2019

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CoinFund Rabbithole Talks | April 16, 2019 | Slides here:

Rabbithole Talks is a monthly CoinFund meetup, focused on doing deep dives into innovative token economics and technical design decisions for interesting blockchain-based projects.

Thibauld presents the Continuous Organization model, how it works, what its benefits are for both entrepreneurs & investors and the challenges his company, Fairmint, is tackling to build the 1st platform for continuous financing.

Thibauld is the CEO of Fairmint and author of the Continuous Organization whitepaper, an idea he started exploring after deep diving into TCRs, bonding curves and combining it through his entrepreneurial experience. Prior to Fairmint, Thibauld co-initiated, a non-profit initiative aimed at transparently & democratically crowdsourcing the best candidates for the past french 2017 presidential election which gathered 150.000 citizens.
Previously, Thibauld co-founded and led Allmyapps, the 1st App Store for PC at the time with 3M monthly active users, which he sold in 2014. Thibauld holds a masters degree in Computer Science and and a masters degree in Corporate Finance.

Fairmint aims to reinvent how organizations are financed by letting all stakeholders invest and take part in the long-term financial success of the organizations they believe in. Based on the research work on Continuous Organizations, Fairmint enables an organization to continuously issue its own revenue-based financial products, marketing them to its stakeholders and our pool of investors. Less constraining than a bank loan and more liquid than an equity investment, Fairmint lets entrepreneurs open a continuous financing stream for their venture without giving away control and while staying focused on the growth of their business.

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