Supply Side Services | Panel #1 | Generalized Mining and The Third-Party Economy

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Generalized Mining and The Third-Party Economy hosted by CoinFund and Cambrial Capital at Prague Blockchain Week. October 30, 2018

Panel #1: Supply Side Services
Moderator: Alex Felix (CoinFund)

Axel Ericsson, Vest, Founder
Brian Crain, Chorus One, Founder
Darren Langley, Rocketpool, Senior Developer
Adrian Brink, Cryptium


  • Economies of scale in PoS vs PoW
  • Move from hardware security models to capital security models
  • Attack surfaces for PoS (lending markets)
  • How do validators differentiate themselves?
  • How to choose which networks to service? Based on customer demand, risk v return for your operation, or something else
    Who are their customers? How do they see their customer base and their needs evolving over time?
  • Skin in the game problem

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