Luke Duncan (Aragon) at CoinFund Rabbithole Talks

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CoinFund Rabbithole Talks | January 8, 2019 | @ Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, NY

Presentation slides:

Rabbithole Talks is a monthly CoinFund meetup, focused on doing deep dives into innovative token economics and technical design decisions for interesting blockchain-based projects. Keep up to date about upcoming CoinFund Rabbithole Talks and other CoinFund events by follow us on Twitter:

Luke Duncan ( is a researcher working on Aragon. His primary focus is on governance processes and mechanisms which serve to align the interests of participants in blockchain-native organizations. He is also a passionate advocate for open source software sustainability and has recently proposed an alternative to traditional copyleft and permissive style licenses.

Aragon is building infrastructure to support a borderless blockchain-native economy where anyone, anywhere can participate. This vision is predicated on two realizations, (1) that the self-sovereignty provided by public blockchain networks make traditional jurisdictions less effective in providing recourse when disputes occur and (2) the process for seeking recourse using those systems is complex, expensive, and confers significant advantages to wealthy businesses and native residents of a specific jurisdiction. With Aragon, organization formation and dispute resolution processes are being designed to prevent damages before they occur and thereby minimize the need to seek recourse through a traditional jurisdiction.

Luke explains Aragon's approach to on-chain governance, how Aragon Organizations benefit from the services provided by the Aragon Network, and how the Aragon Network will provision and expand these service offerings over time.

Special thanks to Luke Duncan for his presentation, Devin Walsh of CoinFund for curating and Pete's Candy Store for hosting.


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