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RE: “Consortium blockchains” (e.g. DPoS & Tendermint) can’t Internet scale

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This is a typical day of this liar in the bitcointalk forum, lying FUDing and slandering Dan and DPOS nonstop, he has been banned several times there and is always coming back with a new accounts.



It was really inappropriate for you to Flag this post. Not at all in the spirit of Steemit as an open community. It also reflects very badly on EOS and the EOS community.

You are either naive or you are not following this guy long enough and close enough.

I have personally gotten into a confrontation with him for misogynistic hate posting, so yes, I am fully aware of his track record. This post should not have been flagged.

Can you please stop wasting my time Jon Snow?

LOL. "misogynistic hate posting", you just discredited yourself with that one.

I noticed @eeks comment just now. You can see I responded now to him.


Your shilling and lying for EOS was exposed and you’re trying to lie and censor in order to hide the truth from the community, which afaics means you’re committing securities regulation fraud by trying to misrepresent, promulgate non-material hype, and suppress material facts.

Regarding the screen capture you posted, I refuted you about that several days ago at Bitcointalk as you know.

I warned you that nothing can help you. The truth and the true expertise will win. I do not care if EOS has $2 billion because that will not attract the best developers who want to impact the world. It will attract more scammers (like Dan and yourself) who will then scam the scammers (taking some of that $2 billion and producing useless apps bags), lol. That is how life works.

You’re a scumbag even downvoting my comments for no justifiable reason. I do not even downvote your comments to revenge, because the downvoting feature here is not intended to censor opposing viewpoints, but to filter out content-free spam and intentionally abusive content. You’re turning this into a Redditard voting war.
And you’re not the only whale who has being abusing the downvoting feature this way.

All you’re accomplishing is embarrassing yourself, because this blog post will also be published on Medium where I also have a significant and growing following. I warned you before to stop adding attention to me by attacking me because then you’re helping me because of the Streisand Effect.