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It is no longer news that the blockchain technology created an innovative medium for everyone around the world to do business without hassles. Before, we were dependent on different platforms for everything we need. From social interactions through social media networks to the usage of centralized marketplaces, it was obvious that many people had little or nothing to contribute to the advancement of their businesses. Instead, centralized platforms were calling the shots and dictating how things would be done.


Gambling is an activity that has been as old as man. It is so because much advancement in life is achieved after taking risks, and gambling is risk itself. Therefore, it is important to be sure of what you are getting into. In the same regard, it can be an arduous task to break even in the global gambling industry. Such is the case because many gambling platforms have been doing all they can to ensure that they have more House Advantage/Edge over the players. In addition to that, government legislations and regulations have also come in to reduce the chances of players to make more profit out of the system. It is against the backdrop of most of these challenges that the TronBomb platform was launched.


TronBomb didn’t come into the picture to make money off the users. It might interest you to know that the global gambling industry is worth billions of dollars. In addition to that is the continued influx of players and punters who come in to try their hands on their favourite games. As usual with such a system with high Returns on Investments (ROIs), the chances are higher that more participants would be there to cash into it.

First, the market opportunity is seen in the huge turnover in the global gambling market. The market has a yearly financial turnover of $50 billion and currently has over $500 billion as the financial market standing. That is a huge sum of money!

Second, many casinos, especially the online variants, have started attracting more players and punters using many options. Notable among the offers are impressive referral programs and massive casino bonuses and promotions. There are also proliferations of such platforms, which led to the creation of a decent playground for all the players to gain more traction.

Third, the global gambling industry is set for more booms in the fortunes with the addition and use of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology promises among many other things, the provision of decentralized storage systems, reorganizing the system to be free of intermediaries, and ensuring that gameplay is conducted in real-time. Those and many other features are part of the properties of the TronBomb blockchain.

Haven highlighted some of the market opportunities in the global gambling industry; let us now look at the problems in the market. It is true that the industry is big enough to accommodate many competitors provided they have innovative features, it is also clear that the TronBomb blockchain platform is out to address most of the problems. Therefore, the problems and challenges listed below are some of the drawbacks tenable in the current gambling industry.

Non-Transparent Commissions

It has been asserted that gambling is a game of chance. It takes players with insights and casinos with the maneuverability to make profits. While the casino platforms are pushing their agenda for more income using unfair House Edge/Advantages and by reducing the Return To Player (RTP) percentage, players/punters on their part are looking to make use of specific odds to break even.

On the other hand, players are shortchanged in another format, which is through the non-transparency of the commissions charged by online casinos. In that case, the players are charged higher sums anytime they are withdrawing their earnings. In most cases, players are charged up to 10% of the amount they intend withdrawing to their personal accounts.

RNG Fraud

The introduction of Random Number Generator (RNG) was received with many positive acclaims. That is because players expected that they would have higher chances of making profits. That isn’t the true picture because they are mostly shortchanged too.
It is important to point out that many online casinos have succeeded to manipulate the spinning of the Random Number Generator (RNG) using their software providers.

Gambling Legislations

The most significant setback faced by online casino players is the federal legislations on gambling. While some people regard gambling as a lucrative business, most governments and countries of the world have continually frowned at the same. It is in the light of it that the United States and many other countries have continually banned all kinds of gambling activities in their domain.

In recent years, there have been calls to soft-pedal on the legislations. That is why some casino games (like card games) are allowed in some regions while those of pokers are not given the same treatment. Whichever is the case, the fact remains that the legislations and regulations of gambling activities is one of the reasons why the global gambling industry is still witnessing some downward spiral moments.

Banking Restrictions

It is only logical that the restrictions and bans on casino games are one of the reasons why financial transactions through banks are restricted as well. Since the banks are under the authority of the State/Government, it is only right that they abide by any regulations sent out by the same.

It is on that premise that many payments processed through the banks take some time before they can be completed. Ideally, transactions involving the deposits and withdrawals of funds through the local banking system often involves verification by the government. Depending on the interpretation of such financial transactions, the government may have to restrict or block such transactions. More so, the procedures take longer before they can be completed. That is why many gamblers and players are huge fans of making use of credit/debit cards, and Electronic Wallets (e-wallets) for their financial transactions.


Blockchain technology charted a new path for many businesses and different industries around the world. With decentralization/removal of third parties/intermediaries, reduction of costs, and initiation of faster transactions, the network (blockchain) has been able to attract more users.

Now, the TRON blockchain is considered one of the most formidable blockchain networks and the reasons are obvious. First, the network works on the primary premise of the blockchain technology, which is to bring about full-scale decentralization. Second, it concentrated on the decentralization of the Internet/Web, which has become one of the viable networks for communication in today’s society. With those two frameworks, the TRON blockchain had gone on to create different networks to bolster the positive inputs it is making in the world. One of such networks that came out of it is the TronBomb blockchain platform.


Since TronBomb is an offshoot of the broader TRON blockchain, it is expected that it would have more of the former’s properties. As a decentralized and socially-oriented gameplay platform, the TronBomb blockchain would be able to bring about the cutting off of third parties/intermediaries, as well as ensuring the transparency of gameplay.

On the other hand, the TronBomb blockchain would take the notch higher by addressing most of the challenges in the current gambling industry. The most fascinating of it all is the application of the diverse properties of the blockchain technology to trigger an all-around boom in the fortunes of the global gambling and betting industry.


TronBomb is not just a blockchain platform, but is one that has the features needed to advance the cause of the overall community of gamblers and players. Worthy of mention is that TronBomb makes gambling a smooth ride with the many features it has in stock. It is those features and properties of the broader TronBomb blockchain platform that we shall look at below.

User Socialization

If you are an ardent gambler, you must have realized that the settings of the current casino industry are designed in a way that all players would mind their business. The framework implies that players and gamblers alike wouldn’t have time to socialize or interact among themselves in the course of gameplay. That is one of the advantages of the offline casino whereby players can interact.

Although some online casinos have started adding the Live Dealer option into their platforms, it hasn’t been sufficiently able to create the socialization that is greatly desired. It is for that reason that the TronBomb blockchain platform created the option for socialization. The concept entails creating a medium for players to have access to more multiplayer games. As you may know, multiplayer games are designed to encourage many players’ participations whereby they would be enjoying the entertainment and competing favourably among themselves.

Also, the platform is introducing dedicated bonuses and ranks, which depict the levels each of the players can compete. The more players gamble and succeed, the higher the chances they would have to proceed to the next level.

Gaming Online Chat

In the conventional Live Dealer settings of online casinos, players and gamblers can only chat with the live dealer. Instead, the TronBomb blockchain platform has designed a Gaming Online Chat, which is a dedicated platform for established gamblers to share their experiences with other newer gamblers. With such a socialized environment, the new punters (gamblers) would be able to have headstarts on how to break even in the long run.

Random Jackpots

It is no secret that jackpots are one of the most played games in online casinos and in any gambling platform in general. It is so because the gamblers are already aware that the rewards if they won it would be enormous. That is why many gambling platforms are literally regretting the addition of jackpots, and have in most cases, stopped paying out progressive jackpot winnings to the players.

The TronBomb blockchain gambling platform understands that it can be tricky to venture into the jackpot niche. It is also well-informed that players and gamblers are looking out for jackpots on the platform. Instead of opening the floor with the creation of many jackpots, it decided to make them random. The implication is that a variable jackpots system would be introduced. The system, by the designation, is expected to distribute jackpots randomly to all the players. The same would be carried out for a certain period. In addition, participating in the jackpots is subject to some conditions. The TronBomb blockchain gambling platform made it accessible to only those players/gamblers that were able to bet higher sums of money over a certain period.

Redistribution of Dividends

The TronBomb blockchain gambling platform is making many positive changes in the global gambling industry. It is not selfish. That is why it has agreed to redistribute some of the dividends it accrued over a certain period.

The format is that all the funds accruable and received by the platform would be used to form a pool. It is in these pooled resources that the collated digital tokens would be redistributed among the token holders. The system is organized, transparent, and is run by a smart contract technology, which facilitates the redistribution of dividends every 24 hours.


The TronBomb blockchain gambling platform is one of the reasons why gamblers can heave a sigh of reprieve. Indeed, reprieve is coming the way of players and gamblers alike because the TronBomb blockchain is bringing full-scale decentralization, transparency, and instant speed to gambling activities.

The parent platform, the TRON blockchain, has been making it mark in the world of blockchain technology. Haven succeeded to bolster the decentralization of the web, facilitating the peer-to-peer file sharing via the acquisition of BitTorrent, and the creation of viable ecosystems for Decentralized Applications (DApps), you can be sure that the TronBomb blockchain gambling platform would be successful like other offshoots of the broader TRON blockchain.


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