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The Hydax cryptocurrency exchange is consistently breaking new grounds as it moves up the ladder to become one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges. Since the last couple of months after it became active, the platform has been on the move to ensure that it literally dethrones other digital asset trading platforms using its vast functionalities. It is an effort in motion as it is still creating more openings for more users to come in. Now, it hopes that using the Hydax Regional Angel Program, more awareness about the platform would be spread just as more users will be interested to join.


The Hydax Regional Angel Program is a concept and a movement as well. It is dedicated at ensuring that the users or the Hydax Angels serving as the representatives of the platform will be able to provide in-depth information about the platform. It is one of the machineries used by Hydax to ensure that more persons would begin to understand all there is to trading on the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange.

The Coverage

The Hydax Regional Angel Program is meant to be global with the primary focus being on fifteen (15) parts in the world. Some of the covered locations are Mexico, Belarus, India, China, Vietnam, and Japan. Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Africa, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, and Brazil are the others.

The Selection Process

Do you feel elated by the impressive changes that Hydax is bringing to trading of digital assets? You love the concept and cannot wait to be a part of the Hydax Regional Angel Program. The recruitment of the Hydax Angels who are the individuals to spearhead the promotion of the platform in their regions isn’t rigid, but it is subject to some rules.

Interested individuals will among many other things, select the region they reside in or intend to represent. They are to join the dedicated Telegram group of their regions to get more details. The prospects would then have to pass through the Hydax Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process ahead of the final phase of the selection. In the end, shortlisted individuals will be interviewed and then directed on how to go about their activities when recruited.


The Hydax Affiliate Program is a dedicated incentive mechanism that rewards users and investors at the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange anytime they invite or refer others into the platform. Ideally, you need to register for the program to get a referral link before you can participate.

The referral link is issued to you after registration. You can then share it on social media platforms and blogs. Interested individuals that want to be a part of the broader Hydax ecosystem will then us your referral link to sign up for an account in the program. On successful signup, Hydax will issue them with 50 free Hydax Tokens (HDX) for being a part of the Hydax ecosystem.


Hydax set a new record in the previous week after it launched a new currency – VAS. VAS was launched on November 16, 2019 and soon set the bulls on a race after it traded at higher values. With the unprecedented increase in the value in such a short notice, Hydax decided to find more ways to bolster the increase of the VAS currency’s value. That triggered the launch of the VAS Trading Contest.

The rule here is simple. The participants numbering up to 2,500 cryptocurrency traders will be jostling to emerge tops as one of the ten (10) traders of the VAS currency. The prize money of 5,000 $VAS will be distributed among the first ten (10) traders that were able to have the highest trade volumes.

In the end, the prize money will be shared in the following regard:

First Prize: The trader that emerges as the first over the others will get a prize money of 2,500 $VAS.

Second Prize: The second winner gets 1,200 $VAS.

Third Prize: The third winner gets a prize of 600 $VAS

Fourth Prize: The fourth winner goes home with 300 $VAS

Fifth Prize: A reward of 150 $VAS awaits the fifth winner

Sixth to Tenth Prize: Winners from the sixth to the tenth category will get a prize money of 50 $VAS


So, what are you waiting for? The varieties of programs created by the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange are not only there to make you richer, but are also there to provide the users and traders with more advanced digital asset trading experiences.

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