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The world is in need of an intermediary-free and non-controlled Internet facility. You would recall that at the launch of the Internet two decades ago, many people were happy because it meant instant and real-time communication without having to trek for miles to get in touch with your loved ones and business associates. As is common with many facilities and networks that have potential use cases and addresses many existing problems, it was soon discovered that the Internet has some challenges too. The most significant is the security lapses triggered by the conventional protocols used therein.


You may not have gotten full grasp of what those challenges in the current Internet Protocols mean to you. Below are some of the ways they affect you and many other Internet users:

Compromised VPN

You may have used a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the past. As you and many other users of the network are made to believe, your data is protected. Sadly, the reverse is the case in most situations. It would interest you to know that many VPN service providers compromise users’ data, especially when they are faced with data requests and retention laws.

Traceable IP

The IP of your smartphone as well as that of your PC can be traced, thanks to the synergy between the IP and the physical addresses of the owners and users.

HTTP Vulnerability

Many websites and online-based platforms are yet to migrate to the more advanced and secured socket application layer called HTTPS. Since many websites and web-based platforms still make use of the less secure HTTP application layer, it becomes easier for such platforms to be exposed penetrations and hackings of their data on such platforms.


I am pleased to introduce to you a decentralized Internet protocol. It would be prayer answered to thousands of people and Internet users who have been looking for a way to make use of the Internet without compromising their personal information (data). The decentralized platform that bolsters the decentralization of Internet protocols is Tachyon. As you would discover by reading on, there are many features that come with this platform. It is those features that would help in sanitizing our Internet space.

Decentralized Information Network
You wouldn’t have to bother about how your information and activities over the Internet are passed across. Provided you are making use of the Tachyon network, you can be confident of getting a decentralized information network.

More so, the network in view here is built atop two robust networks – X-VPN and V-Systems. On the one hand, X-VPN bolsters security of the platform while V-Systems (a DeFi Ecosystem) would see to the scaling, transparency, and overall stability of the platform.

Dedicated SDK

It is no news that the blockchain technology is reputed for not being easy for a newbie to understand. Since that is the case, it would be harder for amateur developers to integrate the Tachyon decentralized Internet protocol into different blockchain networks.

You don’t need to bother much about that because Tachyon already created a medium for doing so. By making use of the Tachyon SDK, you can be able to integrate the decentralized Internet protocol facilities into different blockchain networks. It is also easy to configure, as it supports many popular Operating Systems (OS) and programming languages.

Booster UDP

You must have noticed some downtime or hitches in loading a page on some websites. It is mainly because such websites have some internal issues. That notwithstanding, using the decentralized Internet protocol projected by Tachyon is a step in the right direction towards resolving those issues. In this instance, you can take advantage of the Tachyon Booster UDP to keep surfing the Internet even in the midst of weak networks. It also provides more advanced speed and stability when compared to the traditional TCP/IP networks.


We are now in a new decade. The current structure of the Internet has since held the forth for two decades. It was during those periods that we discovered how the current Internet protocols have been lagging behind. Now that we have a decentralized and more vibrant Internet protocol courtesy of Tachyon, there is no doubt that our Internet and cyberspace would be more sanitized than it was before now.

Website: https://tachyon.eco/
Whitepaper: https://tachyon.eco/TachyonWhitePaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/tachyoneco
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tachyon_eco
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tachyon-protocol

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Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1759759

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