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You may argue that nobody controls your life or dictates how you should get things done. You are not alone on this because thousands of people around the world have the same mentality. It is pleasing to hear that you can decide to go anywhere you want to, buy whatever you want to, and get the best out of life without bothering about anyone spying on you.

However, the coming of the Internet changed things. On the one hand, the Internet facilitated seamless communications, just as it made it easier for people to gain instant access to information using their smartphones. On the other hand, it is those smartphones that are the connecting device that have suddenly become a destructive tool in the sense that your data or personal information is now compromised.


We are living in a time when instant and real-time connection has both the good and bad sides with the bad sides struggling to take the upper hand. It is pertinent to point out that your personal information/date is mined or extracted by some third parties anytime you make use of a web-based platform, such as social media networks and the Search Engines.

Hence, it is increasingly becoming clear that we may be in the midst of “data war” where Big Data companies will be paying heavily to have information about what we do, how we do it, where we go, what we are interested in, and many other factors.

The problems in the conventional Internet systems are many but I will stop here for now so we can look at some of the angles we can explore to address those challenges before things get out of hand.



For many years, Internet users have been looking for a way to be a step ahead of the Big Data companies that are looking to make use of their personal information/data for advertising purposes. By venturing into such researches, it is believed that the outcome will provide millions of Internet and web users with an opportunity of securing their information from getting compromised.

Now, the advent of the blockchain technology made things a lot simpler and the introduction of the Lydian Lion blockchain platform is the perfect solution you will need to make the most out of your Internet usages.

Without much ado, we shall look at some of the value propositions that this innovative platform (Lydian Lion) is bringing into the current framework to make it better and foolproof.

Lydian Lion may not be able to attain the height of “empowering you and many others to live your life” if it doesn’t have some working features. It is for that reason that I present to you below, some of the features you will enjoy when you make use of the Lydian Lion blockchain platform.

1: Private Data

It is no secret that the inordinate and illegal collection and collation of users’ data is on the increase. From social media networks and down to Search Engines and even when you are making use of your smartphones, you are always monitored. In the end, your personal information/data will be sold to the highest bidder.

You definitely don’t want someone to be trailing especially when you didn’t expressly permit that, would you?

Now, the Lydian Lion blockchain platform provides you and many other users with the Private Data feature, which promises to protect your personal information/data. Ideally, the feature is designed to work in a way that every data that is collected and collated via the broader Lydian Lion blockchain platform will be stored securely and only made accessible to the owners of such data.

That, in turn, means that the owner (you in this case) can be able to have full control over the mined data and you can use the same powers to decide on who you want to get a peek into what your data looks like.

2: Cryptocurrency Rewards

There is no denying that incentives and freebies have a way of getting people to act. For instance, you want to be sure that a particular task is completed but you are certain that the people you expected to work on it will not bat an eyelid to do so because they have other important things to do.

What do you do? Incentivize them!

That is exactly what the Lydian Lion blockchain platform is doing. In this instance, the platform offers cryptocurrency rewards to those users that will complete specific real-life objectives.

3: Limiting Smartphone Usage

If there is anything you cannot afford to thank the universe for, it is the gift of real-time and seamless communication provided by the use of relevant technologies, such as the Internet. Smartphones also made it a lot easier for people to communicate in good time and surf the Internet.

Yet, smartphones seem to have done more harm than good to us. We make use of the devices every step of the way, and in most cases, it takes some level of self-control to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

There have been many ugly and dastardly events, all thanks to the excessive use of smartphones even in places they are not meant to be used. From pressing the smartphone when driving to using it everywhere in the home, it is obvious that in the long run, the excessive use of smartphones can be detrimental to health.

The Lydian Lion blockchain platform makes it easy to cut down on the excessive use of smartphones. It does that in many ways, such as enabling the locking of drivers’ smartphones until they get to their destinations, and creating a more healthy social life where people can communicate without having to press their smartphones in the middle of a conversation.



The Lydian Lion blockchain platform is simplifying the way we do things. From the reduction of excessive smartphone usage (especially in places and situations where the device ought to be set aside) to the protection of users’ data, it is clear that the platform is truly empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

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