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We all crave the power that wealth wields, irrespective of age, location or industry. However, wealth distribution and equal resource sharing is a mirage in the corporate world that we live in. A wealthy minority circle possess the power to control and manage the way things are done within the rather poor majority circle. This has been the case for years before the advent of blockchain. Blockchain came as a much needed disruptor to the way the system operates. More so, without a disruptor, the system would have kept up with it's modus operandi of wealth clustering. Blockchain broke the scenes with a distributed ledger system, aimed at affecting the status quo of the traditional monetary system, by affording every member of the community the opportunity to escape the pull of the government and financial institutions that tend to control how money fares.

With the advent of blockchain came the Decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO). DAOs are organizations that are typically run through defined encoded rules on a smart contract. That said, all financial communities have an established structure that governs the way work is done, and also guides everyone to understand perfectly their individual functions. DAO utilizes blockchain potentials to effect non-hierarchical organization operation in any sector or community it is incorporated. Furthermore, as of today, a couple of DAOs have been set up, with various peculiarities in their functions and operational mode. Geoma DAO is one to reckon with in that long line of decentralized autonomous organization.


Geoma DAO is a specialised DAO created to achieve the effective distribution of wealth. It affords it's member community cash flow opportunities that will be created through automated proposal designs for different sectors. That said, it is imperative to establish the way Geoma DAO functions as an entity to it's member community

Eliminating the governance role

DAOs, although designed to function as a virtual organisation, will eliminate the upper management chamber. It limits the role of the initial founders to just the amassing of contributing parties through an ICO. Through this, power is shared evenly within the system and not just within a specific circle.

Wealth creation for all

The parties involved within the system are from various industries, therefore, there will be a need for wealth generation at a point in time. This is achieved on the Geoma DAO through the use of proposals. These proposals are subjected to a voting system that determines their implementation. However, a total agreement of the system is not required. Once a percentage of the network’s contributors vote in support of a proposal, consensus is established. Notably, project contractors are also voted by the network contributors. All of these are however established within seconds.


A world of wealth clustering is not an ideal society in the world of finances. This is majorly attributed to the sabotage of opportunities by the rich minority. However, Geoma DAO through it's decentralized ledger technology, affords everyone that dares to become a member of it's growing community a secured shot at creating wealth for themselves. Geoma creates a platform that allows every member of the community to create cashflow as long as you have a target industry and workable proposal. As an individual or group, it is advisable to incorporate Geoma DAO into your industry and witness seamless generation of wealth that is not controlled by government or financial policies.


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