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Travelling is an unavoidable activity that everyone surely find himself doing whether once or many times in a year and as a matter of fact, it has become a lifestyle for some people that they cannot but do. However, not all who perform this activity have comfortable houses built in those places they go. What make it possible for them to go an spend the amount of time they wish to spend in their voyage is the accommodations they get to secure in all of those places. This is what makes travelling beautiful whether for business purposes or for fun. But nowadays the way hotels handles this activity is questionable seeing all the defects and abnormalities in what they provide as services. Now there is a solution to all of the shortcomings of hotels and how their services are being managed and that is brought by the Empire Hotels. Now that most of the bookings and processing of accommodations are done online, most of the problems that is facing travellers comes from there and it is only becoming worse especially with the excess commissions and the fees that are too high.


This is a platform that brings the solution needed and is first attending to the online booking activities. It will be initiating a perfect and more transparent booking transaction and will be protecting the Interest of the people involved in it. All the intermediaries that usually participate in this activities will be flushed out, thus making the process straightforward enough and simple. All the existing problems will be no more with what this project with all the problems well solved. This is time to have all data of clients well handled and to prevent all forms of mistakes in handling them so as not to exchange that of a users with another. Empire hotels will strengthen the chain of this sector and will establish a strong network for people to have access to a very solid network that makes them easy to secure accommodation in any part of the world at a much more lesser price and lesser struggle. This platform is made to improve the luxury and comfort of travellers. More like a business Project it make this part of people's lives comfortable and provide all hotels with the necessary components that is needed to make them perform better. However, more benefits will be added to make hotels places preferred when seeking accommodation for vacations and this will be done globally.


All the plans of this ecosystem will be executed through using its token which of course holds the transactions in it. This innovation is one that has been well designed to take care of the money activities that is done in it and as such it won't fall short of this responsibility. Accommodations would be secured successfully through the native coin of this network and other features will be deployed as required as it works. When users are to make bookings internationally, this platform will see to it that they don't incur all unnecessary cost along the line but only allows them to pay if it is important for a particular purpose. Since all of those unnecessary fees add up to the cost of booking accommodations, the cost in booking accommodations will be lower than before because all of those costs have been cut out already.

It is built on the block chain for security essentially and this is a very important Feature that shouldn't be lost in this sector. It helps users to establish the confidence needed to continue their activities in it. It provides safe storage for users data and makes them able to do all what they do in it continuously and continue to have great results. It uses three modules that holds that system and supports it as it performs all of the services while avoiding all the risks that is associated with it.


With this innovation, travellers can easy have the solutions to the issue they encounter in booking accommodations in the their countries and also in foreign nations. Empire hotels provides that luxury and establish this same quality everywhere as long as this platform gets adopted there. All its provisions will serve the users and assist in setting the perfect standard for hospitality in every part of the world such that no issues will spring up again. Now it is sure that all the hotel owners won't find it interesting again to stick to the old style of providing all the services provided so they will embrace this new strategy and do better than before. Now travellers won't be bothered about anything again apart from them choosing where they wish to have their accommodations.

Website: https://www.empirehotels.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.empirehotels.io/docs/en/whitepaper-en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/empirecash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/empirehotelsapp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empirehotelsapp

Bitcointalk Username: Chomsy
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1759759

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