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Cryptocurrency exchanges or digital asset trading platforms have been growing since the launch of the earliest digital asset – Bitcoin (BTC). At the time of the debut of Bitcoin, it wasn’t known the direction the market will follow, but it was certain that it would out in the long-run. In the same instance, it was only a few companies and platforms that had the foresight to realize the massive potentials that awaited them if they were to invest in the burgeoning digital asset market. Emirex was one of such platforms that has through consistency, been able to come farther in the crypto-sphere.


It is important to point out that digital assets otherwise enclosed by the name, “Cryptography,” are not a new phenomenon. Contrary to the assertion that it had been in vogue starting from 2008, it was evident that cryptography launched many decades ago. Ideally, the history of cryptography and indeed cryptographic currencies dated back to the 1940s. It was after then that digital money/assets, open-source communities, and distributed computing came into being in the 1980s. Soon after, there was the development of cryptography from the 1980s to the year 2000. It was on that framework that Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency founded the currency by launching the Whitepaper detailing how it works in the year 2008.

So, how does Emirex come into the picture? Emirex realized the much potential that are in cryptocurrencies in particular and the blockchain technology in general. That informed the reason why it joined the industry in the year 2013, when the Emirex Group started. Headquartered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Emirex Group of Companies soon commenced operations as a blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advisory provider. That move is a way to inform the general public and indeed the investors about all they need to know about the disruptive technology of our time – the blockchain technology.

Haven held the mantle for five (5) years offering and gathering more ideas about the operations of the blockchain technology, the Emirex Group of Companies once more took the notch higher to venture into the provision of seamless and secure digital asset transactions. This latest addition to its services is a move to ensure that cryptocurrency and digital asset investors get value for their money and investment. That said, we’ll now look at some of the features that make the Emirex Exchange one of the most robust digital asset trading platforms.


There is no doubt that one of the highpoints of cryptocurrencies/digital assets is the bolstering of transactions around the world. With the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) format and the security of such transactions, users and investors in cryptocurrencies have come to realize that it is one of the safest and most connected currencies of all times.

That said, Emirex took the lead to launch its operations at a border that connects many economies. With the positioning of its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one cannot rule otherwise that many economies of different countries would be positively affected by such a gesture. Ideally, the primary location in Dubai serves as a center for connecting up to 4,000-year-old network of trades of different countries. Therefore, it is expected that digital asset traders from Asia, Europe, and Africa, and who are also connected to that end, would be able to tap into the many business opportunities in the Middle East. The presence and basis of the company in Dubai makes it possible for it to be the bridge between the Middle East and some countries of Asia, including Southeast Asia, India, China, and Pakistan. On the other hand, the Northern and Sub-Saharan parts of Africa are covered, just as Europe, Turkey, and CIS Countries are covered under the umbrella of Europe. In the future, the Emirex Group of Companies would further the services to South America.



The aim of the Emirex Exchange is to become the seamless, secure, and faster gateway for the acquisition and spending of digital assets. Also, it aims at becoming the platform that leverages the blockchain technology to provide financial services to the consumers and users, who would, in turn, exchange the service with digital currencies. Moreover, Emirex Exchange provides the needed platform for investors and traders to trade and make use of digital assets/cryptocurrencies in an easy, secure, fast, and compliant way.

On the other hand, the Emirex Exchange provides two distinct models for the transactions of digital assets. The first is designed for the amateurs. In this instance, non-professional or amateur traders are allowed to make use of the intuitive and customizable interface to trade on digital assets/cryptocurrencies without hassles. The other design of the platform is for the professional and expert traders. The patterning of this section of the Emirex Exchange (for professional traders) is for them to make use of the advanced tools and established functionalities derived from the traditional commodities and foreign exchange (FOREX) markets.


What makes Emirex Exchange better than other digital asset trading platforms we may have known? The exchange’s engine has many features that are not only outstanding, but are also designed to create a long-lasting impression in the cryptocurrency and digital asset trading industry. Here are some of them:

Drawing Toolbar

You want to be sure that your trades are going in the right direction. That is the idea behind the Drawing Toolbar of the Emirex Exchange. With it, traders can have insights into the technical analysis and many other technical indicators that would bolster their trades.

Transaction Throughput
The issue of limited transaction throughput has grown to become one of the biggest challenges facing the cryptocurrency industry. It also contributed to the exasperation of traders who are not comfortable with the delays before their transactions are completed.

The Emirex Exchange understands the core principle of cryptocurrencies/digital assets, which is to have speedy completion of transactions. That informs the reason why the orderbook has been designed to handle up to 1 million transactions each second. That also implies that an average transaction throughput of 60 million transactions can be achieved within a minute.

Margin Trading

Cryptocurrency and digital asset traders have been looking for a way to have immediate transactions, as well as enhanced trades at all times. The introduction of Margin Trading is a way to ensure that traders have unlimited scalability when transacting. Therefore, Margin Trading is one of the many features and trading tools you can expect in the Emirex Exchange.

Here is how it works. By using the Margin Trading feature of the Emirex Exchange, traders can have access to third-party capital, just as they can leverage their positions and amplify the trading results. More so, the Margin Trading feature is an accelerated channel for the investors to get higher and more profits, especially when trades are blooming.

Copy and Social Trading

There is no doubt that only a few traders have mastered many of the tools used in achieving a successful trade. It is this set of traders that are regarded as the professional cryptocurrency and digital asset traders. Now, the amateur, near-professional, and non-professional traders can have a shot if they can take advantage of the Copy and Social Trading feature of the Emirex Exchange. The idea behind that functionality is for the traders to take a cue from the previous trades of the other traders, as a way of bolstering theirs.

In the light of that, non-professional, amateur, and near-professional traders can automatically copy the positions and trades that were opened and managed by the professional traders. The idea is that those professional traders must have made profits using the same strategy. Therefore, handing the same down to the up and coming traders is an excellent way to bring them into the inner fortunes of cryptocurrency trades.

It is one thing to get insights and another to show appreciation for the insights you got. Those traders that got the copy trading tips from professional traders are mandated to make token contributions that would be used to remunerate the professional traders in the form of fiat monthly subscription fees to the Emirex Exchange.

Professional Trading Chat
Communication is the key, they say. When traders of all expertise come together to brainstorm on ideas, the outcome is usually a well-informed outcome on their trades. Hence, it is commendable that the Emirex Exchange has made all things easier by introducing the Professional Trading Chat platform. In this platform, traders of different experience are allowed to share ideas and interact on some of the things they need to have in place for a successful digital asset trading.

Aside from the real-time communication that is tenable therein, it is also possible for the traders to receive many timely updates on the new developments in the crypto-sphere. Information on important developments, such as new digital asset listings, trading fee adjustments, and new features and services added to the platform would be communicated via this medium.


Haven pointed out the benefits of the Emirex Exchange, especially as it concerns different kinds of digital asset traders, you may now want to know what is in it for you. What is the direct benefit you and many others get for using the Emirex Exchange as your primary digital asset trading platform?


As it stands, cross-border or international transactions are literally on standstill and for obvious reasons too. Traditional international payment networks, such as SWIFT have been increasing their fees and taking so long before money is sent to the beneficiaries and recipients.

The Emirex Exchange has taken steps to address that. It empowers merchants from different industries to have real-time and secure cross-border payments. Ideally, those merchants are allowed to make use of the crypto to fiat payment gateway to do so. It implies that both cryptocurrencies/digital assets and fiat currencies/paper monies can be exchanged via the gateway.


On the other hand, each of the users and traders on the Emirex Exchange can make use of any of the many features offered by the platform. The most notable among the features is the two-way fiat payment gateway that supports multiple credit cards and many currencies. That also ensures that the traders do not have a hard time in adding money to the account.

There is also the intuitive interface that makes buying and selling of digital assets seamless for the beginners and amateur traders alike. The transborder remittance of digital assets, the digital assets custody, and the professional and advanced trading interface for professional traders are some of the many other features for individual clients and traders to enjoy on the Emirex Exchange.


The Issuers are the last but not the least of beneficiaries on the Emirex Exchange. In their case, the platform allows them to have access to many trading tools, such as Hedging, Capital Formation, Funds Processing, Digital Assets Listing, and Liquidity MANAGEMENT.



It has been a long time coming for digital asset and cryptocurrency traders and investors to make the most out of their trades. With the launch of the pioneer cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in the year 2009, it gave way for the Emirex Group of Companies to take a cue to delve into the industry. It started up in the year 2014 as an advisory provider on both the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), aka the blockchain technology as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It wasn’t long before it took an interest in cryptocurrencies. Ever since then, the company has been looking for ways to bolster the adoption of the digital assets. With the identification of the many challenges facing the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry, especially as it concerns trading them on exchanges, the Emirex Group of Companies went on to establish the Emirex Exchange. Emirex Exchange is now on a pathway to become one of the biggest cryptocurrency and digital asset trading platforms. As an amateur or a professional digital asset trader, the Emirex Exchange could be the platform you need to scale your digital asset trades. So, sign up for an account to get started!

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