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Blockchain technology has since moved from being a decentralized and intermediary-free platform to become one that supports the development of Decentralized Applications. You don’t need to be at a loss on the functionalities of Decentralized Applications (DApps). They are a different kind of applications that work via the blockchain technology to cut off the intermediary dominance tenable in native and mobile applications.

Of course, Decentralized Applications (DApps) need to be developed. Since that is the case, TRON became the first blockchain platform to facilitate the development of DApps. It is after the successes and some challenges it witnessed in the course of doing so that the Cartesi blockchain was now launched. We would now look at the possibility of utilizing the frameworks provided by Cartesi to enable the development of Decentralized Applications (DApps).


The conventional environment for DApps development is not usually patterned to work on hybrid format. That is why Cartesi has taken the bold move to become one of the first DApps development platforms to create hybrid format. In this case, DApps developers are empowered to work on two environments, which are the blockchain technology and the off-chain components.

Cartesi MVP Demo


Decentralized Applications (DApps) are deemed a new phenomenon because they haven’t been here all these while, save for the launch of the blockchain technology that brought them into full force. It is on that premise that the Cartesi blockchain has created a different medium that would empower DApps developers. Here are some of the ways the core target audience (DApps developers) would benefit from Cartesi’s magnanimity.

Access to All Programming Languages

The development of DApps demands a specific programming language that is quite different from that which has been used in traditional mobile applications. Instead of running around to get access to these programming languages, Cartesi has made it possible for DApps developers to have access to all of them from one interface.

Provision of Additional Services

You don’t have to waste more time because Cartesi has provided you with all the relevant tools needed to develop the best DApps. Aside from the access given to DApps developers to make use of the programming languages, they also get to use other services, such as DApps libraries, software, and other tools.

Reducing Storage Gaps with the Off-Chain Components

You remember that Cartesi makes use of hybrid architecture, which are the blockchain technology and the off-chain components. The latter (the off-chain components) help to reduce the storage issues that have been rampant.

The concept therein is that the Cartesi off-chain component would make use of Cartesi Nodes that are not subjected to the limitations experienced in time and space when computations begin. Hence, it is an excellent way of facilitating DApps development.


The Cartesi blockchain has one primary goal, and that is to create a system and network through which DApps developers can be able to develop and launch their DApps without hassles. From the aforementioned features, it is evident that the platform would meet up with that goal.

This is definitely the best time to be a Decentralized Applications (DApps) developer!


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