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Have you always wanted to travel around the world? Do you fancy spending some time at the Pyramids of Egypt or you intend seeing how casino games are played at Las Vegas? Perhaps you always wished you had the opportunity to go to different tourist sites. No matter the craving you have to travel, the fact is that you need to have the right information.

In this age where false information has become the order of the day, you cannot afford to use false information as the right one. That is why a group of travel and tourism enthusiasts developed a platform called BMY Guide. The platform has among many other features, the ability to connect travellers to travel companies. Before you book your next trip, read on to discover how the platform would bolster increases in the global travel and tourism industry.


This is not the regular News Feed on Facebook and Instagram. It isn’t the tweet timeline you have on Twitter. It is the world’s first travel social media. The travel orientation of the BMY Guide social network is patterned in a way that the users would be able to connect with other travellers. Also, it is possible for the users to discover the travel companies and agencies that are willing to meet their travel and tourism needs. In addition to all those is the provision of relevant and dedicated topics and contents, which are designed to inspire and entertain the users and travellers.

One feature that remains outstanding about the BMY Guide travel-oriented social network is the diversification from the conventional patterns of social media platforms. Ideally, you don’t have to be bugged with many contents and adverts from different travel companies. Instead, the platform is all about travel and tourism. In addition to the dedicated contents, you can be confident of getting nothing short of complete information about travelling.

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Similar to the travel-oriented social network of BMY Guide, you can now have access to unlimited travel and tourism contents. In this instance, there are personalized news feed that provide the users with travel-focused contents.

On the other hand, the contents that are presented therein have been tailored to suit the needs of each individual user. Worthy of mention is that BMY Guide monitors the activities of its users. That also means the users would only be presented with contents that are relevant to their topic of interest.


Have you always wanted to capture the most enchanting moments during your travels? You want something more than pen and paper because you have many ideas to put down in a short time.

BMY Guide makes all that possible through the provision of multiple that make recording of your travelling experiences better. The platform also makes things easier by allowing you to share those ideas in varieties of ways, such as images, texts/articles, and videos.

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BMY Guide is really your guide in anything related to travel and tourism. Now, you can be sure of booking your next trip without hassles when you make use of this platform. Above all, make use of the dedicated tools therein to be able to enjoy the platform to the maximum.


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