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It has become a tradition of sorts for blockchain-based projects to provide some digital assets that would double as the native currencies of such platforms. Ideally, those digital assets are designed to be used as the primary currencies, as well as the primary mediums for facilitating transactions of all kinds using the platform.

On the one hand, many of those assets are patterned to be used alongside many other coins. On the other hand, most of the digital assets used by such platforms are designed to be utility tokens. Utility tokens in this instance imply that those digital assets can be used for facilitating payments and in bolstering any other kind of transactions. We have a project that promises to give us one of such tokens. That project is VISIONARIA and it makes use of a utility token called, AMZCoin.


AMZCoin is a utility token that is designed to be the primary medium of transacting in the broader VISIONARIA ecosystem. It is also designed to serve more purposes than the aforementioned. Instead of being used for a single purpose (transacting in the VISIONARIA ecosystem), the AMZCoin would also be used for other purposes. That is the idea behind the designation as a multi-faceted utility token. Now that you’ve discovered what it means to use the AMZCoin, let us now look at the different use cases.

Use Case #1 – Integrating with EOSIO Software Technology

You would now be able to gain access into the robust EOS blockchain network. It is on record that EOS is one of the fastest and most safe blockchain networks. It is also against the backdrop that Decentralized Applications (DApps) are continually developed and delegated via that platform. The essence of that is to ensure that many people would be empowered to gain access to one of the most scalable and secured blockchain networks in the world where you can gain access to DApps. In addition, the integration of the AMZCoin into the EOS blockchain network is an excellent way to ensure that the token holders would be able to make use of the coin to make payments and process many other transactions in the broader VISIONARIA ecosystem.

Use Case #2 – Alignment with Fiat Currencies

You now have a fair opportunity to make use of your AMZCoin to trade alongside other fiat currencies, as well as other digital assets. As proposed by VISIONARIA (the business platform that instituted the AMZCoin), the coin would be used to trade/align with other (fiat) currencies, notable among which is Euros (EUR). It is against that backdrop that the currency (the AMZCoin) would be used to bolster the growth of other projects tied to it.


The AMZCoin is a defined pathway to gain access to many other currencies. More so, you can make use of it to make payments for and subscribe to services rendered via Decentralized Applications (DApps). You can be confident that when making use of the AMZCoin, you would also be signing up to use it in different places that are profitable.


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