Goldilock Aims To Make Digital Data Security Practical

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The Internet has become somewhat of a monster, it is now an open, vast and endless ocean of information and interconnectivity. As access to the internet becomes ubiqitious we're starting to trust it more and submitting valuable information on it daily. ID documents, passport, banking details and transactions, cryptocurrency and other sensitve and private information are now kept on devices with unlimited access to the internet.

The issue with this kind of interconnectivity is that it goes both ways and requires viglence as acess is only as secure as the latest patch of software. Hackers and opportunists have consistantly found ways to exploit systems and leave users pennyless or worse, used their details for fruadlent activties. I myself have been a victim of a hack, where someone stole a reasonable amount of cryptocurrency from my exchage wallet so I know first hand how painful it can be.

As we depend on the internet more for transactions, our livelyhood and exchanges of information we need new ways of securing data. Our options at the moment are rather fragmented and you need security for each individual use you have. Security for your crypto (either hot storage or cold storage), for your sensitive documents, for your banking, they all need different measures and protcols. This can become tiring and can lead to user error that leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

So wouldn't it make sense to look at creating an all encompassing solution that serves the majority of our security needs? Well, it may not be too far off, if Goldilock has anything to say about it.

Goldilock, your digital vault

Goldilock takes a different approach to storing not only cryptocurrency but all sorts of sensitve and important data and allow users resticted acess if and when they need it. Think of it as having your own personal vault somewhere that only you can access via the internet. Sounds pretty cool doesn't it? But how is that practical and how does it work? Well lets find out more shall we?

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What is Airgap technology?

So what makes Goldilock so special and better than hot or cold storage methods? Well Goldilock introduces a new concept to blockchian called a "physical airgap disconnection". This means, as the name suggests, that the devices storing sensitive data are physically disconnected from the internet, this means data is effectively kept offline until you as the user send a request to retrieve it! Airgap essentially offers you the security of cold storage with the accessaiblity of a hot wallet.

Why is Goldilock built on NEO?

Goldilock will use the NEO platform. Which shares some core values that make it the perfect technology to build a security platform. NEO offers Goldilock access to its lattice-based cryptographic mechanism that makes it resistant to quantam computer hacks, Its NEOFS system allows for massive file transfers at minimal cost, its Byzantine Fault Tolerance allows for over 1000 transactions per second and it offers support of Smart contracts. Attributes that make building a secure airgap solution on the blockchain a whole lot easier.

Can institutions benefit from Goldilock

Goldilock is not simply for the individual but it can be employed at scale for intitutions such as banks, insurance companies, schools and universities, government and civil services, medical records and more. Any business that needs to secure a host of personal and sensitive user data can benefit from having Goldilock secure their data "offline" should servers go down, should attacks happen, should internet access be limted. It gives not only their consumers peace of mind but allows these institutions to save on paying for enterprize security measures that cost companies billions each year.

Secure cryptocurrency storage

If you've been in the cryptocurrency space for a while you should be pretty well versed in the amount of hacks that have gone on via exchanges, hot wallets, smart contracts and more. While all these tools have the security measures it simply isn't a great place to store your cryptocurrency long term and to this day cold storage is still the best solution. Cold storage may be the safest but it is by far the most impractical having to keep your crypto with you at all times or have restricted access by keeping it somewhere off site or in a safe. What if you need to make a transaction? Having the confidence of cold storage and the acess of a hot wallet, Goldilock's Airgap solution will help provided added support for cryptocurrency users, and help entice new investors as safety becomes less of a manual task.

Use cases

Millenials have embraced the digital world with open arms and digital nomads are becoming a viable career option for many young people. It allows them to travel and see the world and still work and earn a living. That being said it's not the easiest when it comes to admin. Having to keep track of all your finances, finding places to stay, making sure your visas and passport and ID documents are in order, making sure you're covered with insurance and also keeping track and storing your finances involves a lot of sensitive documenation needs to be kept with you all times.

Moving from place to place can also mean these documents can be exposed to theft or be left behind which can leave you in a serious problem especially if you're not in your native country. Having a service like Goldilock gives digital nomads peace of mind, they can pack lighter, move faster, live on their own terms and know they have access to vital information as well as their finances at a moments notice with any internet connection and they are assured the access to this information is safe and secure.

So go ahead, quit that corporate job and ditch the admin once and for good and Live the life you've always wanted.

**An Introduction to Goldilock**

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