CBNT Roadshow in Shanghai 17th. Sep.

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CBNT roadshow will be held in Shanghai 17th. Sep. Before the roadshow, we interviewed with some capitals, medias, and individual writers, and discussed the interesting point of CBNT, and their real opinion towards decentralized content platforms.

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With the development of blockchain technology, the business model of traditional content platforms has been seriously challenged, and the multi-winning content sharing ecosystem has become the trend! In this context, the future of content eco-exploration conference sponsored by CBNT, chaintiao , SMW Foundation, and lubanso hardware wallet will be held in Shanghai on September 17th. Blockchain investment capitals, well-known media, and high-quality content writers will attend and discuss the new win-win ecological structure of content with the application of blockchain technology.

Yang Yifang, a master from Columbia University and former-head of the Energy and Technology Research Department of First Financial and Economic Research Institute fully endorsed this model. He told that “the content platform built on the blockchain as the underlying technology is very Meaningful, as the content traceability, incentive mechanism, distributed autonomous organization and other aspects can be well combined, and he wish that content creators can realize the value of creation on the blockchain content sharing community.”

However, Mr. Jin Mu, CEO of Heightfinance, has some certain of hesitation in affirmation. As a media practitioner, Mr. Jin Mu has a positive attitude towards this model and hopes to bring together people who are interested in content. At the same time, he also worried that there are too many competitions at present, and he hopes that CBNT can stand out from the homogenization project with its unique operation mode.

The development of blockchain technology has accelerated the advent of a new era of the token economy, and the traditional traffic business model will be completely subverted.

Decentralized content sharing community CBNT will share the traffic advertising value with content creators, content readers and communicators, and create a new win-win content sharing business system for content creators, content readers, advertisers, and token holders.

CBNT is launching the “Super Partner Program”.

Welcome individual creators and media platforms to join CBNT. Content creators only need to participate constantly in the creation, question and answer and other content ecological community construction, thus can gain the CBNT mining reward every day. The sooner you join, the higher the activity, the more rewards you would gain. In addition, with the rapid development of CBNT, nearly 100% of the massive B-end advertising revenue will be distributed directly to the content creators.

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