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Ever since the blockchain has been given birth to, it has been useful in developed and developing countries. It has been used to deliver services to the public in sectors such as health, education, security, technology and many more. This has increased the adoption of the blockchain over the years. Despite the usefulness of the blockchain technology, there are some issues that need to be addressed in order to improve upon it. That is why RAYS NETWORK was born.

RAYS Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize your experience within the cryptocurrency world. The usability and how decentralized system operates are the common issues identified with the cryptocurrency world that is preventing the blockchain technology from going mainstream. RAYS Network has adopted known features in the cryptocurrency world such as Delegated Proof of Stake and Bulletproof algorithm and modified them to help solve these issues.

In a traditional blockchain system, whatever one shares on the public blockchain can be seen by others who are on the same blockchain. So if you are the head of an enterprise (CEO) who sends an enterprise data through this traditional blockchain system, there is a high probability that other people for whom this data is not intended may see it. The same problem occurs when an employer sends payment to his employees using the traditional public blockchain. The employees’ privacies are no longer protected as their salaries are been shown to the public and this is against the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which prohibit such practices. RAYS Enterprise Privacy Blockchain Solution (EPBS) of the RAYS Network has solved this problem. RAYS EPBS, made it possible to make private transactions on a public blockchain network that is to say no one except the intended receiver can see what is contained in the transaction. With the use of Bulletproof algorithm, the sender can lock each transaction and it can only be opened by the intended recipient and also, there is an option to choose whether the transaction should be public or private before transmission of the transaction takes place.

Issues with security and privacy are a major concern in the cryptocurrency world. Our refined Bulletproof Algorithm, in its unique way will be able to maintain highest standards of safety and at the same time achieving high network scalability. Our users will be able to enjoy total privacy by the implementation two protocols (TOR or I2P). These protocols ensure that none of the transactions made on the blockchain will be traced in any way. The bulletproof protocol will also make the RAYS Network stand the test of attacks from quantum computers.
The transaction system of RAYS Network is very efficient. Transactions on our blockchain network are very fast with a zero transaction fee. As there is no charge on transactions, people can make microtransactions using the RAYS Network. Another feature of RAYS Network is the RAYS Multi-transaction System that enables heads of companies to make payment to hundreds of their employees with just one click. Isn’t that awesome? All the will maximize the adoption and hence the scalability of RAYS Network.

RAYS Network will collaborate with top-ranked academic institutions for the establishment of RAYS Research Laboratory all around the world where researchers will collaborate for the research and development of blockchain solutions to industrial and other problems.

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Are you a blockchain researcher, a blockchain developer, marketing manager, business manager, university professor, JOIN RAYS and be part of its great future.

Useful Links:

Website: https://rays.network
Whitepaper: https://rays.network/whitepaper1.0.pdf
Telegram Group: https://t.me/RaysNetwork

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