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Good day my cherished readers. I bring you information on a project that seeks to revolutionize the healthcare system by reducing costs and saving lives. This project goes by the name CURAIZON. Medicine is very important in our lives especially when we are sick as we use it in the management of our chronic illnesses and treatment of acute illnesses as well. These medications will only work to improve our quality of life if taken appropriately but it seems this is what we fail to do, adhering to drugs, and the result is an overwhelming cost on both individuals and governments. This problem of drug non-adherence is recognized all over the world and for the past 30 years, global efforts to correct it have not been significant. This is why Curaizon is birthed to solve this problem of drug non-adherence whilst generating data which will be used to improve healthcare. I would love very much of you to spend a few minutes to read and get acquainted with CURAIZON.
What then is CURAIZON? It is a UK-based company that has provided solutions to improve patients’ adherence to drugs. CURAIZON developed an ecosystem (CuraServe™, CuraData™, and CuraView™) which will help reduce the cost of seeking medical care and improve medical research. In order to increase the rate of drug adherence, Curaizon will work with patients and their families and healthcare providers to ensure the success of the solution that Curaizon provides. Now let us look at the various components of Curaizon and how they interact.


When patients visit a doctor with their medical complaints, they are enrolled in CuraServe™ as part of the treatment. CuraServe™ sends notifications to these patients and welcomes them to the service. It also ensures that patients take their medications as prescribed by sending notifications that remind them to take their medications. CuraServe™ also designates a close family member(s) to ensure that the patients take their medication in case they forgot. These patients are motivated to take their drugs as prescribed as they are given the opportunity to select a charity home to receive small donations each time they take their drugs as intended. CuraData™ collects demographic and adherence data from patients enrolled in the CuraServe™ service. The data generated from a patient’s adherence to medications are made available to the patient’s doctor in real time so that he could analyze the patient’s adherence rate so as to make adjustments to the treatment and help the patient assume an optimum health. This feedback mechanism is made possible with Curaizon’s Curaview™.
The data generated is very valuable. If researchers (especially from pharmaceutical companies) wish to study the effectiveness of a drug, they require information about the number of patients who take the drug, the frequency at which they take the drug and how the drug affects the patients’ lives. This information that they require to carry out their research is made available by Curaizon’s CuraData™ and hence these researchers can smoothly carry out their research. This data will help improve the healthcare system as doctors will make informed decisions on prescriptions and treatment options that will improve patient outcome. CuraData™ also cuts down healthcare cost in five major ways and these include; faster treatment of patients, reduced hospital readmissions, improved doctor performance, risk stratification (stratify patients into high-risk groups) and improved drug therapy.
Curaizon is built with a technology that enables patients and healthcare providers to view their dashboard. Patients can log unto their dashboard through a mobile app or web to view their status and progress. The provider dashboard enables healthcare providers to view their patients’ well-being in real time and provide timely intervention for high-risk patients based on actual data. There is also a healthcare dashboard that reports identified problems in areas such as drug, disease, and multi-morbidity.






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