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Football is a very nice sport that is enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. It also raises billions of dollars every year and hence it is lucrative for professional players. One way to raise excellent players who will make their name in the history of football is through football academies where enrollees are trained by coaches. There are so many football academies all over the world but JUNO is exceptional among them. Juno launches in five large places of which Lagos (Nigeria) is part. Nigeria’s population has a large portion being made up of young children whose favorite sport is football and hence a lot of talented footballers can be raised through the JUNO academy.


JUNO and What It Is
JUNO is a football academy that uses blockchain technology to bring children all over the world together. The blockchain creates a single environment where children, their parents, coaches, and administrative staff in different countries can live and work. The other reasons why the blockchain is important in the achievement of JUNO’s vision include accessibility where their partners around the world are under the same rules and transparency and high liquidity. JUNO has the biggest football academies for children in the world and currently they have 420 football academies located in 21 countries with over 40, 000 children enrolled and over 1,500 coaches. In order to control the work of academy, JUNO has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which provides analytics about the free trial lessons rates, kid’s attendance, the mean length of stay with the academies and recommendations for improving these metrics.

Why Is Juno Football Academy Lucrative?
Football academies are lucrative investment opportunity and so is JUNO football academy which requires one to purchase rights to open a JUNO football academy. Take a look at the following statistics so you can judge for yourself why buying rights to open a JUNO football academy is a profitable investment. The rights to open an academy in Singapore cost $9,000. Each child is recommended to pay $250 per month for 8 training sessions and each training session cost $31. There are 25 children who are expected to attend each training session accounting for an amount of $775 per lesson (25 children x $31 = $775). The total expenses per lesson ($310) which when subtracted from the $775 results to $465 profit. The gross profit per month is $3720 and it is calculated by multiplying the profit per training session by 8. The gross profit is subjected to further subtractions to get a net profit of $3095 per month. What this means is that someone who purchases these rights will be able to get his capital back within 3 months and start enjoying the net profit onwards. The details to the calculations are in the whitepaper whose link is


The main focus of the coaches is to help the players develop techniques and tactics, understand the game, and develop the mental skills of an athlete as well. In order to achieve this, the players’ interest in football will be maintained through motivation to attend classes. The training sessions too will be made very eventful so that the children joyous moments and in so doing mastering their skills. In order to monitor the performance of the children, JUNO will develop a sports tracker which will be in the form of field sensors and special wristbands. The tracker records real-time data on the children thereby enabling the coaches to analyze their performance during training or in a game and also parents will be able to monitor their child’s results on the internet.

Juno football academy is a blockchain based football academy that seeks to bring children all over the world together. It is the largest growing football academy with a high expansion rate. Juno will first be launched in five different macro-regions which include Shanghai (China), Delhi (India), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, UAE), Lagos (Nigeria) and Vietnam. Juno conducts an ICO to accumulate funds to support its activities.

JUNO Token Sale
Token price: $0.05
Minimum contribution: 1 ETH
Goal for 5 macro-regions: $18,000,000
For more information about the JUNO project, make use of the following links;



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