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Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be created using a world changing technology called blockchain technology. As time goes on, especially in recent times, the blockchain technology has gained much recognition from industries, businesses, and the general public as other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins are being created. Many have seen cryptocurrencies as an investment opportunity and have made millions of dollars from it. Companies have also identified the benefits of running their businesses on the blockchain technology. Despite the great achievements of cryptocurrencies, it has some basic issues with transaction speed, fungibility and ease of use that need to be addressed and hence the inception of AIASCOIN.

AIAScoin is a peer to peer platform based on the blockchain with cool features that allows fast transaction speeds, provides security and fungibility and enables transparency and privacy on the blockchain. One of the hindrances to the adoption of cryptocurrency by merchants is poor transactions speeds (transactions take minutes to hours to get confirmed on the blockchain) and AIAScoin is here to solve this issue. AIAScoin relies on Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism since it is a PIVX fork whilst providing privacy with masternodes. The PoS and the masternode enables AIAScoin to perform transactions instantly and this will pave way for merchants to adopt blockchain technology. Merchants who wish to accept AIAScoin as a mode of payment will not bear the cost of hardware as there will be no demand for it. The payment processor feature of AIAScoin will enable merchants to accept this simple, user-friendly and internet-based platform for payment.
The other features of AIAScoin include;
• Easy API set up: With this feature, merchants only need to register and add the plugin to their website and this absolutely requires no skill in programming.
• Low transaction fees: This is because the system runs on PoS confirmation and do not require miners with their expensive hardware to process transactions.
• Cross-Platform Payments: in order to be used on different platforms, AIAScoin creates multiple access points for wallets and accounts through plugins on Windows, Linux and MacOS devices using a web-platform. The platform can also be accessed from smart devices such as android and iOS phones.
• Safe transactions: Regardless of the web-platform being used, all transactions on the platform are secured due to AIAScoin cryptography.
• Instant and easy payments: Payments made with AIAScoin are easy and almost instant as it is based on PoS consensus which does not require PoW computations that might waste time in processing transactions.
• Transparency: Transactions are processed and permanently stored on the blockchain to provide transparency.
• Anonymity of users: The privacy of users’ sensitive information is maintained as false names are used to add transactions to the blockchain.
• Fungibility: This is the ability to exchange one unit of a currency for another unit of the same currency. Coins cannot be traced as they are washed away by masternodes unlike some cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, etc whose transactions histories can be traced.
• Open source: AIAScoin blockchain is an open source platform in that its development is driven by its community and also no one will be able to own the blockchain.
• SwiftX: With the masternodes, transactions are processed and validated within seconds.
• ZeroCoin compatibility: AIAScoin will be compatible with ZeroCoin system and this will enable users to convert their AIAScoins into anonymous zcoins.

As a member of the AIAScoin platform, you can earn some rewards for hosting a masternode and the requirements to host a masternode include;
• 1000 AIAS should be available in the wallet of your masternode.
• A server with a dedicated IP address.
• VPS with Linus on it.



Ticker: AIAS
Masternode: 1000 AIAS
Block Reward: 25 AIAS
Block Time: 180 Seconds
Maturity: 3 Hours
Pre-mine: 2,500,000 AIAS
Total Coin Supply: 25, 000,000 AIAS


Join our airdrop on the airdrop bot @AIASAirdropBot

Bitcointalk username: Caxton10
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=2070123

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Transactions will be faster now with the introduction of masternodes. Such a great idea.

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