Blockchain Is The Best Way To Protect The Truth

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In this world, every day, millions of people argue about various facts that happened or did not happen in the past and no matter how much time they spent on disputes and how many arguments would not be given, the disputing parties cannot convince each other of their innocence, they cannot to defend their interests, because facts can be long-standing, can be of dubious origin or even fictitious. As a result, we still don’t know how things really were.

For example, I heard stories many times that the Soviet Union was such a backward country that until the nineties of the twentieth century people did not know what toothpaste was. And other people say "look here is a poster from a 1938 newspaper with an advertisement for toothpaste." How to find out the truth in this situation? After all, you can fabricate a picture. This picture can be real, or it can be fake, because different sides of different conflicts are often interested in juggling facts.


Another example of controversial facts in history is the Edison bulb. It is now widely accepted that the bulb was first coined by Thomas Edison. However, there is a version that before him the bulbs were invented and implemented by Russian researchers Lodygin


But how cool it would be to know for sure. Is this a picture of a toothpaste advertisement from 1938 or not? Did people know about toothpaste in those days or not? And is Edison really not the first to come up with an incandescent lamp?

A few years ago it was absolutely impossible to learn such things, but now things have changed dramatically, now we can protect history or various facts from our lives, our developments, our ideas from distortion and theft in the future. Blockchain technology came to our aid. I won’t talk for a long time about how the blockchain is structured and works, I believe that soon every student will know about it and maybe even pass exams. For now, I’ll say only one thing: the data in the blockchain is almost impossible to change. And the more the blockchain develops, the more difficult it is to do it, the more difficult it is to change the data in it.

More specifically, we will talk about DeepVault technology. The essence of the technology is that the hash of the file that you want to protect is calculated and this hash is written to the blockchain. Forever and ever. Permanently. Without the possibility to make changes later, this serves as reinforced concrete evidence that this file existed at the time the data were entered into the blockchain. If the file is even slightly modified, then the hash will no longer coincide with the one that is included in the blockchain, which means we are dealing with falsification of data.

Imagine how cool it would be if blockchain and DeepVault existed in 1938 or at the time of the invention of the light bulb. If the creators of a light bulb or toothpaste advertisement would have added a picture to the blockchain at that time, now we would reliably know who is right and who is not.

Unfortunately, this is all fantasy, then there was no blockchain, no electronic files, no hashes of these files, no internet, no DeepVault, or even personal computers. But, fortunately, now all this exists and we can prevent the distortion of history and various controversial issues in the future.

If you have developed something, believe in something, value something, want to capture something as it really is, want to protect your ideas and creations as they are, then create a description or documentary evidence and make data about these files in the blockchain. It is very easy to do this in a couple of mouse clicks thanks to the resource (DeepVault: Online Document Blockchain Stamping Notary - Secure Files)

And even after a thousand years this data will remain unchanged. Everyone will perceive them as you have captured them for centuries on the blockchain.​

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