Thanks @bubke. Hope you and your family are in good health.

I think the "Steemit" brand holds value and I assume Justin Sun is smart enough to realize what needs to be done in order to not let that value go to waste. There was a community around Steem. A community which, let's faced it, failed. That's why Justin Sun was able to get hold of the "Steemit" brand: the comunity was too weakened to be able to defend it.

That community - which failed on steem - went on to set up Hive. In order for Hive to thrive, the community needs to understand where and how it failed ... It still can, even if I don't see any sign of them even realising that it is their responsibility ...

So where does that leave us ? On Steem, Justin Sun shows no sign of comprehending what is happening ... on Hive the splinter faction blames it all on Justin ... not much to rejoice for ...

I don't think the community failed, I think Steemit failed and the reason we could not defend the chain was because of the unfair stack of Steemit and the scandalous selling off that stack.
The only reason i went never all in on Steem was the ninja mine of Steemit and the danger of the centralised nature following out of that. Now i am glad i never did but i tell you i go all-in on Hive, there is not one doubt in my mind about that. We need a decentralised uncensored social platform and i think nothing beats our community. We don't blame Justin, we blame Ned and Steemit, i honestly feel sorry for Justin. Steem has nothing to do with a blockchain anymore, you should be absolutely the first to realise that! Steemit is a name in the blockchain community, a name that has been burned and the blockchain community knows that, i really don't see any future there. Off course, Justin will get it on a few exchanges with a nice price pump but that is not what I am after, blockchain is a revolution, let's not support the money-driven actions that go against what the revolution is about, D E C E N T R A L I S A T I O N!!! Oh man, forget Steem, join us on Hive, seriously!
Much love!!!

Oh but I will join on Hive, don't worry ! :-)

It's just that my first impression was that it's a bit buggy (tried to publish using peakD and failed miserably). And the tools have not migrated yet - GINAbot will migrate on April 5 only ... Once the tool eco-system moves to Hive, it will be simply not convenient to continue using Steemit.

Coming back to the substance: absolutely, the failure of Ned and Steemit was the first step indeed. In the "centralized business world", Steemit would have simply gone under, never to be mentioned again except as a "case study" in MBA programs.

But in the blockchain world, the organizations are supposed to be more resilient because the community can step in. Especially with DPoS. Here the leadership was pretty much into the hands of the Top 20 witnesses, and it had been for a while. Ned had withdrawn after Steemfest 3, Eli Powell was invisible, totally absent ... the Top 20 had one year to steer the boat away from the iceberg ...

Yet what did they do ? HF 21 changing the cryptoeconomics (50-50, downvotes, superlinear, etc.) That was a HUGE strategic mistake.

Instead of focusing on "increasing the size of the pie", they focused on "better sharing of the pie". Never mind that the pie was shrinking as snow melts in spring ...

Let's face it: the Top 20 of Steem, now the Top 20 of Hive, might be exceptionally gifted IT experts (Anyx, gtg, Themarkymark, etc.) but they are really not up to notch on business strategy ... Hive will be going nowhere for as long as they will suffer from the Dunning-Kruger syndrome and believe that because they are smart at running computer systems they must also be capable of smart business decisions ...

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