Blockchain Enabled - Why it's the future of our economic and digital world

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I've used the term "Blockchain Enabled" several times before. This is a densely packed term I think it's time I clarify. The blockchain can be described as having 7 very general attributes. Any business or network that adopts the blockchain, in any of it's many varieties will gain competitive advantage over it's existing peers by using those 7 attributes to some varying degree.

Blockchain Enabled means:

1 – A business or network which seamlessly allows for Distributed Participation.
2 – A business or network which seamlessly allows for Decentralized Participation.
3 – A business or network which seamlessly allows for Anonymous and/or Private Participation
4 – A business or network which allows for Peer to Peer value exchange
5 – A business or network which automatically applies License, Registration, etc. to generated content.
6 – A business or network which automatically and autonomously distributes value
7 – Increases a business or networks ability and efficiency to digitally create and exchange value

Think in terms of a RPG video game. At the very start you're able to select a set amount of skill points and dedicate them to various character attributes. As the new forms of Blockchain Enabled businesses are born, they are able to apply the 7 attributes I list above to their internal business structure. Though many people don't realize it yet, the blockchain has allowed us to cut out perhaps all of the non-productive middlemen in our lives.

Where there were once Gatekeepers holding the keys to monetization and distribution there is now (or will soon be) a blockchain that allows equal access and participation to all who are following the rules.


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Find a subject(s) or group on steemit you resonate with and enjoy participating in. Post quality is way more important than amount of posts you make.

Consistent participation over time will build your account, more of a constant grind that steadily builds up value rather than a few quick articles that earn hundreds of dollars. All of the posts earning a few dollars now will be much more valuable as Steem starts approaching fair value and mass adoption.

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile market right now and will likely stay that way for several years. HODL is the name of the game until things steady out and integrate into our way of life.

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